Indigo Adults and Food (Part 1 of ???): How Indigo Adults can buy high quality organic and grass fed on the cheap


*** If you live in the Chicago Area, be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for a really awesome promotion that Door to Door Organics is doing this Month! I wrote this post a week before I got an email from Door To Door about their promo. Important Note: I don’t get any kickbacks from them. They are having a sign up contest right now for members, so if I win, I think I get some free produce, but I was planning to write about them anyway, before I got the email about the promo/contest! ***

I am super excited!

I gave up my car a few months ago, which is pretty easy to do living in Chicago, but one of the main reasons I was reluctant to do so earlier was because I tend to cart home lots of heavy (think 12 cans of tuna at a time) groceries.

In my effort to expend the least amount of time and energy getting food, I have been researching food delivery on the internet.

The main selling points I was looking for was that the delivery service had to be organic, grass fed meats and dairy, local, hormone free, anti-biotic free, healthful farming practices, moderate cost and in general a positive “vibe”.

This search led me to a number of great sites that I want to share with you that really helped me on my quest.

I eventually selected Door To Door Organics, and I have found that by buying this way, there are many benefits:

  • I save lots of time by avoiding grocery stores
  • I get lots of variety because the delivery company picks my veggies and fruits (though I can switch them out before the delivery date on their website if I desire)
  • I am spending the same or less than going to the grocery store for organics
  • The fruit and vegetables taste better because they are local and fresher than those from the grocery store
  • Better taste also means that they are more nutrient dense
  • Saving money because it keeps me from going to the grocery store and making lots of last minute purchases.
  • Eating healthier by eating lots of veggies and fruits because I know I have to consume my last delivery before my next delivery (though I can easily cancel a delivery ahead of time)

Additionally, this particular delivery service allows me to add on other local and/or organic items (like cans of Eden beans or a salsa from a local company), so I really never have to run to the store except to get something like toilet paper. They even deliver meats.

Door To Door Organics may not be in your area, (they are in Chicago, and have sister companies in Colorado, the New York Suburbs, Kansas City and Michigan), but many areas do have these options.  Just do a search on few of the websites listed above.

At the bare minimum, you can order food items from Amazon, and they have a lot of healthy, organic choices (just remember that there are no food returns with Amazon, so you’re stuck with what you got if you don’t like it).

I order my 12 cans of Tuna per month at Amazon. Shipping is free and I get a discount because I’m on the auto-ship program (which you can set up for a delivery every 1-3 month and you can also skip a delivery with this program).

The 12 cans of tuna I am getting at amazon average about $5 per can. At Whole Foods, this same can of tuna is about $8 per can. That’s huge savings and I eat a lot of tuna.

Any other indigo adults have strategies for eating healthy while saving money?  Any key websites you’d like to share with us that help you in this quest? I am always on the look out for sites and would love to hear what you’ve got!

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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