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Last week I wrote about how I studied the Diamond Quantum Colors course by Marie Diamond to learn how to use color to feng shui the house without really feng shui-ing it because it’s not my house.

Within a day or so of putting the quantum colors in place, I had an urge to place hexagrams as instructed in the Diamond Hexagrams program.

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I wanted to work with color first because I thought it would be good to align with that energy first before selecting a hexagram.  There are over 300 hexagrams to choose from in this system and I wanted to make sure I did it correctly.

This house… It has a strong history, at least for me. I grew up in New York City until I was 6 years old and was happy there. Then we moved to the suburbs on my sixth birthday and the very next day I had my first experience EVER of being bullied.  And it never got much better than that for the entire time I lived here.

Other examples of this house’s energy:

I get along fantastically with the people in this house when we are not here. When we are here, it’s always tenuous.

I am happy almost everywhere else on the planet that I have gone, but I come back here and I can’t get my head above water.  It feels like I’m suffocating.

I have done so many clearings and healings on this space. I put in the space enhancers about 9 months ago and that helped a lot, but I could still feel a problem with the space.

I blamed the excessive clutter for the reason the energy did not flow nicely in the house and why the house didn’t feel good.

But then I realized during the last road trip I took that maybe the clutter is simply a product of a larger problem.  I pendulum tested the space, asking if the problem had been here longer than my family had, and got an affirmative answer.

That means that much of the horror of my childhood – the abusive school experiences, the combative fights with parents, even the break-ups that would occur every time I brought a boyfriend to the house to meet my folks…

That was the HOUSE, not us.

In reading about the position of the house and the hexagram it corresponded with, according to Marie Diamond’s course, I had a revelation about my life.

The hexagram description perfectly described my family’s experience in this house since we moved in, over 20 years ago.  It was insanely accurate.

The description was definitely not supportive, so I chose to work with the Diamond Quantum Color program first because I felt that even in a not-so-supportive space I really couldn’t majorly mess up placing the colors. The worst that would happen is that there would be no effect.

But after a couple of days, I could feel the quantum colors shift there energy of the house positively, so I felt more confident about placing the hexagrams.

I first placed a hexagram for the house. Within 15 minutes of doing so, I felt sick.

I had the urge to throw up (which for me is a sign of major energy release in the 3rd chakra), I had a headache a the base of my head/top of the neck (again, energy clearing of the nodis and 5th chakra) and was dizzy and weak.

I was a bit concerned that I felt so bad, even though I know those physical symptoms usually are often a positive indication of healing, especially after I have shifted something so huge energetically, like changing the entire feng shui of the house that has been part of my life for over 20 years.

I felt that I instantaneously let go of so much energetic garbage that the house had brought into my life, and that my body was expressing that release.

I went to sleep in the afternoon, and slept for about 17 hours.

Since that day, I have felt fine but my sleep patterns have been off a lot.

Maybe “Fine” is not the right word.  The house definitely feels different. Much better. Easier to move through. Relationships are better.

I am writing this several days before posting, so the 9 days it takes to fully shift the feng shui energy has not completed yet.  I feel that I am still letting go of a lot of energetic garbage, but that for the first time ever in this house. the fates are on my side and the side of my family.  There is a very beautiful harmony emerging within the house.

I also placed a hexagram on my desk. That one I also felt immediately and it was awesome. I am getting my work done with so much more focus than before and I don’t get antsy anymore.  It’s a really great feeling.

Again, the 9 days have not passed for my desk hexagram to take full effect, so I will let you know how things emerge over time.

But so far I am very happy with the shifts that are occurring.

Even my dog seems happier and is barking at people much less than before.  🙂

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS:  Here is the link to the Diamond Hexagram course:


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