Indigo Adults and Energy Clearing for Subways Platforms

Indigo Adults and Enegy Clearing Subway Platforms

The Urban Indigo Adult

That’s what I am now.

There are moments that I really love, but one of my least favorite things is public transportation, especially during rush hour.

The other day I was standing on the subway platform and thinking about how that space never gets any sunshine, which I consider to be a great energetic cleanser.

I then remembered a program a workbook I bought (and highly recommend) called Diamond Feng Shui.

Marie Diamond wrote an entire section on space clearing and used visualization to send a variety of different colored light through spaces.

Each color cleared a different element (past discordant influences, thoughtforms, etc).

I decided to try this on the subway station and the subway cars (even though they do have access to light and go above ground eventually).

I don’t have the workbook right now because I lent it out, so this might not be exactly what Diamond says, but this is to the best of my recollection and in combination with other places I have learned to clear energy.

I started with white (general cleansing), then I moved to blue because I remembered Diamond using blue.

I then imagined purple flames coming up through the ground. The purple flame is supposed to be very cleansing. I have had several people clear my aura with the purple flame and so I sent this up to engulf the entire underground subway station.

Then I sent pink through with the intention of creating the vibration of love though out the subterranean transportation veins of Chicago.

And then the train arrived.

But it really did feel better. And maybe I was looking for it, but I thought people were being more civil than usual. And calmer as they got on the train.

Has anyone else tried anything like this?

I feel that if enough people did this on and it was practiced on a daily basis, it would have this great impact on the entire collective, especially over the long run.

~ Peace ~

Indigo leslie

4 thoughts on “Indigo Adults and Energy Clearing for Subways Platforms”

  1. Hi Leslie : ) First of all, Thank You. Thank you for being you, and speaking out, and sharing your perceptions and experience. That takes courage. I read your narrative and have more hope that I’m not just completely nuts… or if I am, that I can BE.. ME… happily, and with gusto. and purpose.

    I’m a Metra Rail Rider from the western burbs. Riding/walking into the city is often so overwhelming for me. I may be in an “awakening recovery” phase pehaps (jury’s still out). My mantra is the Kyrie Eleison – which in my tradition asks for healing, mercy, renewal. Sometimes I throw in a good ol’ Veni Sancti Spiritus (come Holy Spirit).

    I’m not sure about anything… but when I FEEL the breaking, the weight, the negativity, the discombobulation, the disconnected chaos and lack of love and regard for other the most — my body just wants to BREATHE. Urgently. Deeply. Like, really really deep breaths. Mouth fully open sometimes, or a focused backwards straw-like stream. Fighting breaths, pushing the darkness away. Ninja breaths. Until the work feels finished for that person or place. It seems soooo super serious, that I used to feel like I was literally blowing back the gates of hell (imo a state of perception), or sending out a line to draw someone into heaven (imo) also a state of perception towards collective, unified Shambalah!)

    Non-rational insticts kicked this into gear (again after a decade) about a year ago, shortly afterwards I met a Russian Mystic who told me about “Resurrection Breath” – looking up to the right, soaking in the beauty and energy of creation, then looking to the left, and pushing away the darkness. This thought helped to focus my prayer work = energy clearing. I can relate precisely to your experiences of the impact it seems to have on people. They calm, relax, open up, feel better… Why now, after all these years? I don’t know… everything just seems to be amped up…especially me!

    I often feel a tightening all over my body, and I’m moved to touch things (sometimes people) which seems to release the buildup I’m feeling. Before I get on the train, I touch it, and ask for light, peace, mercy – “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (imo Heaven is already here… but not fully revealed yet… is the simplest explanation).

    Here are some other tools in my veeeeery imaginative and not at all traditional arsenal (don’t laugh!!)

    -Laying on of hands – everywhere ; )
    -Praying Kyrie Eleison, or “Christ have Mercy” aaaalll the time on the breath.
    -Asking for Angels to guard dwellings after clearing.
    -Lighting candles, especially blessed/holy candles from churches.
    -Carrying lit incense and walking with it down the street…
    -Carrying a vial of holy oil and lubing up doorways dwellings.
    -I may also be guilty as charged for sneak attacking people with holy oil (in massage oil) and holy water (in air fresheners, etc.). I do believe that *all* water is holy water… these elements focus my intentions the best.
    -Walking three times counter clockwise around buildings (wtf???)
    -Sprinkling salt in front of doorways, around buildings (hah!)

    -It does feel awfully, awfully important to bless/energize food, water, or anything that goes into or near my body… or others bodies.
    -More on food — refrigerators, and the stuff in them. Pretty much any fridge I come into contact with.
    -Blessing/clearing/energizing food and drinks in gas stations!
    -Restaurants…. Bars…. laying hands on these buildings especially.
    -Sometimes I felt like simply LOOKING at the objects/refrigerator cases, and thinking was enough to do what needed to be done, that no touch was necessary.
    Again.. it’s the FOOD thing. What goes into, or on, people’s bodies. This may tie into to the mystery in my tradition that “every meal is eucharist” but that’s a longer discussion.

    Here’s a wild one. An EGG. My body was feeling like it was going to literally break in pieces under the weight of the darkness… I walked around all day with an EGG in my hand, everytime I felt the pressure, which I can only describe as the “opposite of peace” – I would send it into the egg. At the end of the day I threw it in the river.

    I’ve also grabbed sticks, stones, bits of shrubbery. When someone is speaking, I’ll focus all of my attention on them, and push all of the “ick” I feel (which often is their ick… cuz I felt fine before they showed up) into the object. The aliver-the object, the better. A leaf. I think I exhausted the few crystals I had handy… so I just started grabbing natural stuff ; )

    I did this with gusto for many months last summer. Then, one by one, in seemed the darkest forces seemed to find me. Like… super, super dark, life threateningly so. I fizzled oooooout. Never have been so drained in my entire life, plus it was winter, and dark. I’m still not quite recovered….

    But tomorrow as I go into the city again, I’ll keep my chin up and do my best – knowing that there’s another wild child, er, I mean adult – out there working her mojo along similar paths with a common goal. It certainly does make the day quite meaningful and wonderful to do this. And it makes me feel much, much better too.

    Perhaps I’ll take an egg with me.

    1. WOW!

      What a great comment!

      Thank you for this… there are many methods here that I have not heard of that I will definitely try.

      I also direct the heavy energy into nature, like earth, trees, grass, etc. The thinking behind it is similar to that of respiration. We use the oxygen they produce. They use the carbon dioxide we produce. I feel like it is the same with energy and that they want to help. Of course, I “ask” first before releasing that stuff into them. 🙂

      I’m curious about the egg. Is it raw? My commute is so congested that I feel that the egg probably would crack before the end of the day, but maybe that is the blessing in this method. If one is protective enough to maintain a raw egg in one’s pocket, one will also be protective with self. And it offers something excellent to focus on.

      How did your trip into the city go?

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

    2. I LOVE your post. I have reread it several times and followed several of the techniques. This helped me a lot so thank you.

      LOL, I didn’t try the egg because I was concerned that it would get smashed during my commute.

      This past weekend I went to a Cubs game and I felt overwhelming sadness as I entered the stadium. I started crying for no reason. The energetic stadium was mostly happy but there was an undercurrent of sadness and frustration, most likely from the Cubs inability to win a world series. While I watched the game, I cleared some of the energy, but I was thinking that it would be a good thing for someone to do some more intense clearing work on the stadium. Maybe I’ll work on it next time I am in the area with some of your techniques. It would be a very interesting experiment, right? If energy in and around Wrigley Field was cleansed and charged throughout the year and then next year they won a World Series… that would be so cool and great evidence for the energetic effect on life.

      Of course, everyone would find every reason in the world except the energy work. But the light workers would know.

      I always wondered if someone wandered into the Red Sox stadium just before they won the World Series.

      Anyway, thanks for your comments and for sharing these great methods.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

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