Indigo Adults and Empathy… The Upside (one upside of many)

I have written a lot about the challenging side to being an indigo adult and empath and I just wanted to write a little about one of the upsides of being empathic.

I have also written a few posts about the education system (especially in America) and the current way it is run and how it clashes a lot with the way indigo adults naturally learn.

One of the ways I have found that is the best way for me, an indigo with a powerful empathic side, is to sit next to someone who knows what I want to learn.

Even better if I can touch this person (platonically, of course) or look at this person in they eyes for a minute or two.

The first time I discovered this, I was in massage school and I wasn’t understanding how to do a foot massage stroke. My teacher came over and sat shoulder to shoulder with me while we each had a foot of the person receiving the massage.

Not only did my ability get instantly better without her even saying anything, but I was able to rattle off bones of the foot that I didn’t know and I also knew exactly why I was touching the foot in that manner.
I suddenly had a depth of knowledge that I knew was not mine and I looked at my massage teacher and said, “Oh my god. I’ve got this in a way that I never could have gotten it. Just now… in this moment.”

She just looked at me for a moment, confused by what I had said, but then she got it. Empathy is not that abnormal or unusual amongst the massage therapy community.

Since then, I have noticed that when I have conversations with individuals about their area of expertise, I can usually speak at their level without having any strong knowledge about their field.

The long term learning effects and way to leverage your empathic ability come from getting the knowledge “under your hands” aka… once the knowledge you have gleaned with your empathic ability becomes your own through memorization or practice, it is yours forever.

And if you’re an empath like me, it makes it easier for those around you to pick up information, because it is easier for others to tap MY expertise by virtue of my empathic tendencies.

Additionally, there are no/minimal adverse effects on those individuals you “tap” to learn.

I have found that when others “tap” me, sometimes I will get their thought process or confusion about the topic in my mind, even if I normally am very clear and with a high level of understanding about the subject.

However, this has happened quite rarely.

Soooo, any indigo adults have similar experiences? Would love to read about them…. Please leave comments below!

~ Peace ~
Indigo Leslie

2 thoughts on “Indigo Adults and Empathy… The Upside (one upside of many)”

  1. Hello there,
    I discovered your page a few days ago and loved it. I´m trying to see if I´m an indigo because since a little child that I understood that I see the world in a diferent point of view. Now that I’m 35 years old, a mother and “married”, there are many things in my life that made me look for my REAL interests. I started looking on the net for answers and seeing if I’m nuts or just someone more sensitive and if all these stuff I remember as a child are true.
    I noticed you stop posting in November and that you have few comments.
    I think your primary objective was achieved, once You helped me a lot on these answers and…on another continent. Europe.
    Hope to see new posts from you.
    Até breve!

    1. I sometimes take breaks from posting as my off-line life gets busy, but I do my best to post a few times a month.

      Thank you for reading and I am glad that you have found value in my words.

      The reason I write is to help others who may be going through stuff that I have already gone through and have figured out. I intend to continue to post as long as I feel my thoughts are valuable to others.

      So thank you for confirming that there are people seeking the information I am writing.

      With Gratitude,

      Indigo Leslie

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