Tools for Indigo Adults and Empaths from Elise Lebeau

As an indigo adult, I consider myself pretty well versed in the non-physical, intuitive world, but I also recognize that there is always space to learn and improve.

I was surfing the web the other day and came across Elise LeBeau’s website.

She has a number of different programs that I think would benefit indigo adults. Two of them are free so you may want to start there…

You can get there by clicking here.

To be honest, I have not done either of the free programs yet.

I have, however started on the Money Manifestation Program.

This is a 20 lesson program and she lets you try it out by giving you the first four lessons for free.

Yes, I did learn. Yes, I feel the exercises helped. And I liked the program because it meshed well with my intense study of Abraham-Hicks’ material.

I especially liked that she used Abraham-Hicks’ emotional scale (she credits them on her site, too) and with almost each lesson you check in before and after the exercise to see if you have moved up the emotional scale.

Every time I did an exercise, I did move up. So YAY! I like!

Here’s a taste of a couple of Elise’s videos from YouTube:

This first one is about increasing one’s intuition. I liked it but I’m already more intuitive than I can handle sometimes.

And I don’t know if the “fit is supposed to hit the shan” the week you do this exercise, but it did for me. I feel a bit more open than I did a week ago, and while that doesn’t feel good, I think that being more open will put me in a new situation that is more appropriate, rather than one that I am just tolerating (I have been looking to move out of my current housemate situation for about a month).

This second video is great! This one is about programming yourself to trust and is also supposed to be performed each day for a week. I really liked this one and can feel the shift in myself.

Indigo Adults, Psychic Minds and Empaths… If you try this stuff out, let me know what you think! How does it work for you?

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