Indigo Adults and Clearing Planetary Energy During Mercury Retrograde

indigo_adults_and_mercury_retrogradeIn one of the meditations I have posted on this site, I mention that planetary energy should be cleansed.

When I first did this meditation, my first perception of clearing planetary energy was that I clearing all the garbage and lower vibrational stuff created by humans (myself and others).

But I have also found that focusing on clearing planetary energy also helps with clearing planetary energy in an astrological sense.

For those of you that follow astrology, you know that we just went into a phase of mercury retrograde. You can find the effects of mercury retrograde on this page.

To sum it up, mercury retrograde has the effect of slowing things down and having us look back on life for a bit. No decisions should be made and there are often hick-ups in one’s life that cause unexpected things to happen.

By clearing planetary energy, we are clearing any additional pulling of the planets on our energy field and minimizing the effect of such planets on our life.

I especially feel that as an empath and an indigo adult, I have a tendency to carry and get sucked into other people’s mercury retrograde experiences, so by clearing planetary energy, it clears the excess mercury retrograde vibe that I have carried on my own, as well as what I’ve cleared from other people’s fields inadvertently. Also, by bubbling myself, I find that other people’s M.R. ruckuses and situations tends to slide right past me.

I can’t say it works 100% of the time, but it seems to clear the energetic air around me, which is important when other people are getting swept up in the planetary haze (stressing out because things are not going smoothly).

Hope this helps! If you notice any results by doing this, please let me know!

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

1 thought on “Indigo Adults and Clearing Planetary Energy During Mercury Retrograde”

  1. Andreeca Robinson

    Thank you for this information on Mercury. I had been saying I do not understand my life right now I was completely puzzled at the events occurring. It’s a hick-up in my life and believe it or not; I did resolve some old issues that had not been resolved and talked deeply and openly with an old friend/instructor. THANKS SO MUCH…

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