Indigo Adults and Aliens

I have spoken with a lot of indigo adults who have had what they perceived to be U.F.O. or alien experiences. 

I can't say whether these experiences are real or not, but here are a few of my own experiences.

I have dreamt  a lot about aliens, starting in my late teens.

In one dream, I was in the alien spaceship and I remember being very scared and I was running away from them in the ship. Then, out of no where, one popped up in front of me. 

I came face to face with it (which felt like a female).  And as I gazed into her eyes, I became incredibly calm and happy.  I felt that everything was going to be okay.  And that's all I remember. And yes… it/she did kind of look like the typical alien face depicted on books like Communion or in South Park.

Recently, I had a dream where the aliens were dropping me off, and I distinctly remember them lifting off.  I think that they were beaming something down from the ship because during the liftoff from Earth there was a distinct beam of light hitting the ground from the ship and then they disappeared.

In the last couple years I also started to have some experiences while awake.

I was once visiting Sedona and it was daytime. I was looking toward the distant red rock horizon and saw a small, shiny light in the distance. I thought it was someone hiking and trying to signal people in the distance with a mirror reflecting the sun, but then saw it shoot into the air and then disappear.  

I didn't know what it was, but I was pretty resistant to saying it was an alien.  I mean, I talk a lot about things that are a mystery to a majority on planet earth on this blog, and just the idea of acknowledging energy and thought goes beyond the normal discourse of the planet, but aliens just seem so wacky and 1960's kitsch. 

The next month I was on a houseboat at a party and we were in the hot tub on the top deck of the boat. It was nighttime and we were all a little bit tipsy from wine.

After a while, the four of us saw this light over head in the distance, but still pretty close. It was triangular and we thought maybe it was a helicopter or several helicopters together but the lights never moved apart from each other.  There were three lights that were marking the corners of the triangle.  We didn't know what to make of it, so we just agreed it was the wine and helicopters and left it at that.

Then I saw this show on Larry King, where one of my heroes, Dan Aykroyd, was discussing aliens

He was adamant and very specific about UFO details, and I was amazed, because even though I know he has been into the paranormal for a long time, I didn't know he was so vocal about it or felt so strongly that aliens existed. He felt that UFOs would not be benevolent toward the human race, which I found a bit disconcerting.

I enjoyed the show, but it still didn't do much to me to make me think that I had seen aliens.

Finally, I read an article on Stephen Hawkings saying that reiterated Aykroyd's sentiment, saying that aliens would probably be destructive (much like Columbus visiting the New World) and should be feared.

But I think that there is a key to all this…

I'm still baffled by the whole alien thing and not sure if they really exist, but I would say that through our intention we can connect with the ones that are good, if they are out there. 

Aykroyd said that there are probably 23 species of aliens out there. My guess is that if that is true, it is probably like nations on this planet… Some are more peaceful than others and all have their own values. 

So my philosophy is that if we mentally say, “I give permission to the peaceable and friendly alien forms to contact me if their intentions are positive and in alignment with my greatest good”, that that is likely to happen, if they exist.

If these beings have the technology to get here from so far away, then they most likely understand the technique of telepathy and will respond.

It could be compete B.S., but I have always felt that if the experiences I have had could have been real, and that these experiences have been with aliens that are gentle and good, and if that is true, I'm totally ok with continuing contact with those that are friendly and have positive intentions.

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