Indigo Adults and Aliens: Part 2

A friend of mine (and fellow indigo adult) on Facebook saw my post about aliens and sent me a link to his website

They were going to host a radio show with Cynthia Crawford, who has been in contact (very consciously) with aliens since she was a child.  

The show was scheduled for August 22 but was postponed until further notice.

This is good for you if this is the first time you are hearing about it because you may have a chance to hear it live.

I believe you have to sign up as a member of to join in on the show, and then they will probably send you a notice in the future letting you know when Cynthia Crawford will be rescheduled.

If you're not interested in or the radio show, I would say you should at least check out Cynthia Crawford's website and check out the video over her on the homepage.  The other information pages are interesting, too.

It will definitely get you thinking way beyond planet Earth.

Here is the email I received…

Time: August 22, 2010 from 6pm to 8pm
Organized By: Aaron McCollum, Roger Sylver, Tamara Natividad

Event Description:

Join Aaron McCollum and his guest Cynthia Crawford as they dive into the World of off planet beings and life as a Contactee.

This is airing at our new time Sundays at 6pm PST – To convert that to your local date and time, click on this link and scroll down to your city:

Cynthia Crawford was born a twin, but with totally different blood and tissue type than her sister and the rest of her family. Her father worked on top-secret missions for the OSS; and she remembers being taken to underground military medical facilities for testing and examinations during her childhood, also enduring numerous alien abductions, examinations and impregnations, as well as miraculous healings.

Her life changed dramatically after learning she is a hybrid from a government experiment, and she decided to consciously face the other worldly beings who were abducting her. She was awakened to the mission that brought her to this planet at this very special time in history. Cynthia is known as the “ET Sculptor” of beings she and others have encountered. She says these Star Beings work through her putting their own frequency in the sculptures to help awaken people to their own truths. She also devotes her life to teaching how we are all connected to these beings, and the lessons they have taught her that can change the world for the better. Visit her at


NOTE FROM LESLIE: By the way, the picture above is similar to the alien that I saw in my dream… But the one I had contact with looked more like this…

MORE FROM LESLIE: The description of this species says that “Those who have experienced them are people of very high spiritualethics, and many report that they get guidance from them during timesof turmoil, depression and stress, as well as incredible love from them” which is in line with my last post describing them, but Cynthia Crawford's description says that they are also 6 feet tall.  The one in my dream was only about 4 feet.  There is another species that looks similar with a shorter stature, but they have blue eyes and the ones in my dream had black eyes (though the description also says that their eyes are very light-sensitive and the black is a protective black lens.

I didn't ask in my last post… but have any other indigo adults had any dreams or experiences with E.T.s?

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