Indigo Adults: Actors or Channels?

I have a radio show in which I play a “character” and she is comedic and outlandish…

But what’s weird is that I feel more like I am channeling than acting.

I think indigo adults and children have a tendency to get into the arts because they have an ability to have higher information pass through them.

What I mean by that is that indigo adults can stand out of they own way (or, rather, pull their own personality or thoughts out of the way) and have a message or a collective thought come through them.

And because many of us are somewhat outspoken, we end up being the mouthpiece for those that don’t speak up.

But getting back to the acting, a lot of the time in my conversations with true channels, there are a lot of disembodied spirits that want to “jump in” to the channel in order to enjoy some brief, physical expression.

This was most clearly described to me by one channel that said that she would get spirits that wanted to “jump in” to her to enjoy a cigarette or a drink.

I find that interesting because I also imagine that there are spirits that want their expression to be heard.

In that regard, actors are very useful to the disembodied spirit because acting is a socially acceptable mainstream activity, but is often channeling.

Did you ever hear an actor say that they don’t remember the 2 hours that they were on stage?  To me, that means s/he was channeling, because when I and other channels are actually bringing something through, we rarely remember that time passing.

Even more evident to me was how I learned to act.

I was in a beginner class, and doing quite a terrible job.  I didn’t get how to do it at all.

And then the teacher had me step out of the room for one exercise.  And when I returned, my audience (fellow students) were to shout that the disagreed with my speech (which was a speech that was meant to persuade the crowd).

This time something changed.  I don’t remember what happened, but something kicked in and I was not there anymore. Something else was there and was convincing these people with the monologue I had.

And then from then on I knew how to “act” and was considered by most of my professors and fellow acting students to be one of the best.

I went from being one of the worst in the class to one of the best.

But I didn’t figure out until years later that my technique was to allow another entity to enter and to run their energy as my own when on stage.

Essentially, to channel the character I set out to play.

While this has become a bit of a nuisance when I have been cast as someone with a lot of problems or a seriously social delinquent (which is often why I don’t act/channel much anymore), I have also learned to leverage the acting/channeling experience to my advantage, and perhaps other indigo adults can benefit from what I have learned.

For example, in channeling this character for my radio show, I have been able to learn from her and pick up her positive traits as my own.

This character/spirit is much more feminine than me, more outspoken than me, and presents herself in an outrageous way that is still fun and very likable.  She’s somewhat superficial, but in a way that’s helpful to me too because I do have a tendency to look at everything quite deeply.  Sometimes too deeply.

It is nice to run this energy when I am channeling, but even when I am not, it is nice to see where she can help me be more of what I want to be. (which is more feminine, more outspoken and more outrageously fun!)

I can’t really describe how I channel beyond what I have already written, but I’m sure if you do a search, you will find classes in your area on the subject.

It might help you to “step out” of your indigo self and into a character that you feel will be a good influence on you.  If you try this, be sure to make it fun and to come back to yourself (let your own personality back in) a majority of the time, because sometimes the more tenacious spirits have a tendency to take over.

But overall, I consider the activity of channeling/acting to be safe, though maybe not if you have trouble grounding your energy or staying in your body.

Actually, here is an important side note on that issue. Heath Ledger is a prime example of and indigo adult that probably should not have taken on a character as dark as the Joker.  He had trouble returning to his own body and ultimately it cost him his life.

I would love to know if any other indigo adults have had any similar experiences to mine or have been drawn to acting as I have.  Please leave your comments below.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

2 thoughts on “Indigo Adults: Actors or Channels?”

  1. Hey im 18 and Im an aspirig actor. I have classes at school and stuff but its always bugged me- like I dont know how to ”act” like im trying to find some way that makes sense to me”. this helps a lot. I feel like when I just GO for it- like on a show i dont hav time to try and figure anything out in my head and everything just flows a lot better for me, maybe im unknowingly having ” a step in or something” thanks!

    1. Glad I could help! If you haven’t tried improvisation yet, it’s worth giving it a go!

      With improv, the actor doesn’t have time to ponder the character. The character is found automatically, based on the scene circumstances and the interaction with the other actors in the scene, and it often feels like the character is picking me, not that I am making a deliberate choice to be a certain character.

      It’s kind of awesome, in my opinion.

      Thanks for writing!

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

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