Indigo Adults, Abundance, Prosperity and “Financial Alchemy”

I received a coaching session with Morgana Rae last May that was really helpful to my perception of abundance and prosperity.

Her way of framing money by personifying it really helped me tap into the energy.

And as this site is very much about energy, I thought I should mention her to you.

You can get her free MP3 Audioclass: ““Six Proven Steps to be a Money Magnet” by CLICKING HERE.

I love getting her emails. I was actually on her mailing list for years before I spoke with her in May.

Here are two of her recent posts that I especially enjoyed.

Neuro Linguistic Pick Me Up which is about fast and easy ways to “reset” yourself when you need to, so that you can be in a better emotional space and enjoy your day!

And my even more favorite post “Money Likes and Dislikes” which I love, not only because it gives me clues to look for to see if I truly am connecting to my Money Honey, but also evidence that I AM connecting to him because I had found that my Honey had made many of the suggestions that she had referenced in this post.

If I were to analyze my thoughts of energetically what a money honey consists of, I would say it is something we call in magick called a Thoughtform. A thoughtform is an energy that is deliberately created by an individual to be helpful in one in a particular area of life.

In the Money Honey’s case, it is abundance.

I also like Morgana’s philosophy because it is so different from anything else I have seen relating to the subject of money. She makes the MH fun (although one as to get annihilate one’s previous relationship with a less supportive – and sometimes downright evil – personification of money before building the relationship with one’s new and wonderful MH).

If any indigo adults, pagans, psychic minds or others try out her services or buy any of her books, please let me know how you like it. I found myself very resistant at first… thinking that it was very silly, but once I dove in, I really liked it and found it tremendously helpful.

(PS: BTW, because if new FCC regulations I will from now on be letting you know whether I am an affiliate of whatever I am writing about on this blog. Yes, I am an affiliate of Morgana’s. But I dig her stuff, and purchased one of her workbooks long before I ever became an affiliate.)

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