Indigo Adults: a Primer

What are The Indigo Adults?

“Indigos” (Indigo Children and Indigo Adults) are traditionally defined as people that were born starting in the 1970’s (though some will say as early as the 1950’s) that have common traits regardless socio-economic standards, lifestyles and classes.

These traits are in kids all over the world… and from all circumstances of life.

It’s not just the kids raised on a farm or in the city or in the US or Tibet… They’re everywhere and they came with the intention of helping the evolution of the planet by raising the vibration to a more heart-centered way of being.

The term “Indigo Child” was coined by a psychic named Nancy Ann Tappe in her book Understanding Your Life Through Color
.  About 30 years ago she saw a child with an indigo aura.  This is a color she had never seen in the anyone’s auric field before this child.  She says since then she has seen more and more individuals with indigo auras.


  • Empathic (ability to acutely feel what others are feeling. Can be physical, emotional, spiritual, etc).  Often empaths can “feel into” remotely… they can feel how their ex-boyfriend from 10 years ago is feeling or consciously feel when someone is thinking of them.  They can also feel how the tree they are standing next to is feeling that day.  They can also feel how a collective feels that they are either about to get involved in or thinking about.
  • Telepathic: Can communicate with others without speaking out loud.  Simply by vibration or “speaking” loudly, but mentally.
  • Strong willed and sometimes very angry: when they get disconnected with their mission to raise the vibration of the planet food additives or a negative collective could also be the cause
  • Resistance to Authority: only if the authority is not grounded in sensible existence. If authority is there “just ‘cause” or if it’s a process that’s more harmful then helpful to those they interact with, indigo children and indigo adults will resist
  • Highly Intelligent:  But not always in a conventional way.  For example, creative intelligence is not particularly celebrated in US culture, so an indigo kid that’s not intelligent in math or science might be a genius with regards to creativity. I like Brian Tracy’s take on it.  He mentions several different types of intelligence. I also feel that this has to be with being empathic, as empaths automatically pick up on the understanding and expertise of others and can use it as their own.
  • Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD):  Indigo children are often diagnosed with ADHD and put on Ritalin.  Again, it could be less a matter of the child being hyperactive than being empathic in an environment that has hyperactive people or vibration, and the indigo child or indigo adult is simply reflecting this vibration.
  • Very, very good with electrical equipment
  • Intuitive healers of themselves and others.  This is more on an energetic level than indigo children and indigo adults being born knowing how to perform open heart surgery.

Other traits can be found at

In fact, there are tons of pages that have tests and quizzes about being indigo.  Just do a search in Google.

Who is Indigo Leslie?

Just a girl.  Well a woman…

Therefore an indigo adult?


I’ve never done any Kirlian photography though I have had people randomly call me out for being indigo.

I have some of the traits.  Create world peace?  Well, yeah.  But I like to play guitar, too.  Equally passionate about having a joyful life.

The reason?  I feel that by making our thoughts (and therefore, our own personal universe) a space of peace and joy, that will not only feel better to us, it will radiate out to others, building a web of connections that are based on peace, love, respect, kindness, etc…

I don’t know about you, but my thoughts are “loud” and tend amplify very loudly amongst the people I am with.  If I am able to stay aligned and peaceful in even the most tenuous situations, generally the group around me stays aligned and peaceful as well.

But to declare oneself indigo? What is that all about?

That’s why it’s a bit of a squirrelly subject.  And that’s reason number one for creating this site.  I’m sure others indigo adults have thought “Am I?  I may be…  I have this trait but I don’t have that.  I believe in world peace but who doesn’t?  And I think I’m special, but am I just wanting to think I’m indigo because I’m actually kind of a weirdo based on the status quo assessment of what a “normal” person is.”

Like I said.  Squirrelly.

So I’m started with what I know…

I AM Empathic.


I KNOW I have a lifetime of perceiving the physical world through an energetic lens, way before it was trendy to do so. In fact, I started talking about this stuff when it was definitely freaky to do so.

Additionally, I had a mother that would say to me, “What, do you think I have? A crystal ball or something?” when I would get frustrated that she could hear what I was thinking.  It was WEIRD TO ME that she couldn’t hear what I was thinking.

There were other things… weird things that would happen, much like the things that happened around Harry Potter when he was with the Dursleys.

Unlike the indigo children diagnosed with ADHD,  I didn’t talk much as a kid nor was I hyperactive.  In fact, I was unusually still and quiet as a child.

So who knows?  But who cares? I am enjoying writing and I feel that I can serve indigos on line and psychic children and the parents of psychic children that are asking the same questions I am.

As a side note, as I was thinking about creating this site, I was debating whether I wanted to sign my name to my writings.  Honestly, there is still a lot of discomfort and sometimes outright hostility toward anyone who claims to be or is psychic or has psychic leanings.

Therefore, I decided I would sign off as Indigo Leslie.  That will give me a little bit of anonymity.

If you REALLY want to know who I am I’m sure you will be able to find it.  But these experiences I am writing and my opinions and perceptions still do not mesh with a lot of popular sentiment of mainstream society.

Besides, it’s not about me… It’s the experience that I bring forth that is the gold here.  It will benefit no one to state my given name.


MY TAKE:  I know that I am empathic and have other psychic abilities.  I know that I have met other highly empathic and psychic people and they tend to be my age or younger than me.  Some are older than me, but, frankly, they are not usually as wise as the younger ones.

Indigo adult? Indigo child? Crystal Children? Is it real?

I ask myself this a lot.

I recognize that it is a “feel good” term and I often think to myself, “But I’m so human and imperfect and these kids are always written up like demi-gods and that’s not me.  So I must not be it.”

But people – random strangers – have walked up to me and earmarked me as an indigo.

And with all the psychic stuff going on with me and seeing others that also have these abilities that I have but them not knowing how to manage it… It made me want to start this blog.

On a scale of 1-10 on whether I think I’m an indigo… My guess would be about an 8.  If there is such a thing as an indigo adult, I’m pretty sure I am one.

What I KNOW IS REAL are my experiences. I know what I experience as an empath is truly happening and it has taken me a LOOOOONG time to understand it enough to acknowledge that it really is there.

I KNOW that there is an invisible, energetic, quantum physical world out there that affects every aspect of my life.

So what if indigo children and indigo adults are not real?

But what if they are?

What if there is a group of beings here to lovingly guide the world toward peace?

Would that be such a terrible thing?

So if I’m not one of them, or if they don’t even exist, that’s ok.  I know that I have these experiences and the more I recognize them, the better I understand them and can help others and myself with them.

And if indigo people really are out there and are having these experiences maybe my experiences can help them get through it better.  Maybe I’m just an intuitive and not indigo.  Whatever… My gifts and my experiences and experiments with them can help others who are indigo.

Another intention for is to get more people, both indigo and non-indigo, to acknowledge or at least inquire about this invisible, energetic world.

Finally, this site is intended to help us all to understand that we are truly connected and perhaps, as a collective, we will stop doing shitty things to each other, and thinking shitty things, if only for the reason that we are doing it to ourselves, too (likewise, when we are shitty to ourselves we are also automatically being shitty to others.)


Indigo Leslie

“It is about making the energy tangible to you. Seeing the energy, acknowledging the energy… That is the first step. Then we can get on to, “What do we do with it?” afterwards. But when we acknowledge it and say “Ah, there you are my friend! Hello!” that is the starting point.”


indigo adults... acknowledge the energy

3 thoughts on “Indigo Adults: a Primer”

  1. I liked what you had to say about being an adult indigo and not being perfect. I’m 40 and just figured out that I’m an indigo too but feel a little uneasy about the information out there. Mostly because of what you discussed. People are built up to be demigods and I don’t feel I’m “better” than anyone else, just different.

  2. I just came across this term today, so I am still reading and forming opinions, but I have found several similarities to myself- yes, I am uneasy about the information also.

    1. Welcome to this site and to this new discovery. If there is anything I can help you with please let me know.

      Also, I have to say “thank you”.

      The post you commented on was written over 6 years ago, in the second month of the site.

      Since then, I have transformed myself and the site a number of times.

      I had been looking for something to anchor me into the original (and continued) mission of The Indigo Adults website and my reason for starting it.

      Seriously, I was about to rewrite a whole new mission page but your comment reminded me that I already have one. 🙂

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

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