Indigo Adults: 2012 Earth Transition Videos from Judy Satori

Just found these two beauties from Judy Satori today.

This video above gave me goose-bumps 8 minutes into watching and this overwhelming feeling of joy throughout. YAY! Had to share this.

This video was shared with me as an easy energy clearing to prepare for the earth transition by permanently shaking off all of the heavy energies we are carrying around.  I did this for an hour and I could feel my energy toward events, thoughts and feelings shifting immediately.  It kind of reminded me of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), but I find that I sometimes am tapping for hours to get relief.

With Judy’s technique (or, rather, the technique she channeled from the light beings  with which she communicates), I found that I would focus on an issue, topic or memory that would cause trepidation and noticeable tension in my body.  I would say the words presented in the video with intention.  Moments later I would feel the tension gently release from my body, like letting air out of a balloon very slowly.

Definitely worth trying…

Any indigo adults have good video links about the upcoming earth changes.  Please share!


Indigo Leslie

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