indigo adults learning from theatrical drama psychic mind

Indigo Adult Lessons From the Theatrical Stage

indigo adults learning from theatrical drama psychic mind
What is the big mystery? What I have been up to?


I randomly auditioned for a play because I thought it would be fun to audition, not because I actually thought I would get the roll or anything.

I ended up with the lead.

Crazy Huh?

I mention this here because it had been a while since I had acted in a scripted play, and since my last play I have had so many learnings about energy and emapthy and group mind and being an indigo adult that is sensitive to energy, that the whole experience, aside from being awesomely fun, was a whole truckload of learning about the energetic realm.

Where do I begin?

Well, we’ll start with the empathic thing.

This production was especially interesting because I basically had two actors that I worked with directly in most of my scenes. One of them was insanely diligent about learning his lines, utterly brilliant and a great actor. I was also insanely diligent about learning my lines.

The other guy… well, here’s what the director said about him, “Oh, he never learns his lines until the day before rehearsal. But don’t worry. He’ll have them.”


That was basically saying to me, “This guy rides on everyone else empathically to know his lines and will be tapping you instead of doing the work.” You know what sucks about that? If he doesn’t know his lines and he’s tapping me, then no matter how thoroughly I memorize my lines, I will draw a blank when he and I are on stage.

Guess which scenes I learned the earliest and knew the best? The ones with this actor.

Guess which ones had the most uncomfortable silences of us staring at each other blankly as the stage manager whispered clues to the next line to jog our memories? The ones with this actor.

Not once did that happen with the actor that knew all his lines. Sure, we might have flubbed once or twice, but every single performance we were almost always spot on. It was incredible and fun, and made for great theater!

There was another element to the cast that also gave more clues to the meshing of energy.

Add into the mix a few minor characters that were played by individuals that like doing plays to get out of the senior home. And then there was one guy didn’t have one sober rehearsal day.

Long term memory with these guys was solid… I can assure you that from all the stories I heard from their youth. But could they remember a direction they received two minutes earlier? Not so much.

Again, this was a great learning for me as an empath because these guys had small rolls and therefore hung out in the greenroom (the dressing room) the entire time. If I hung out there with them (I didn’t start going on stage until half way through act one), my memory was definitely affected. I could feel the difference in my performance based on who I was exposed to before the show.

Also, by having me hang out there, their ability to remember their cues and their lines improved.

Fascinating. Fascinating. Fascinating.

Not always comfortable, but always fascinating.

I love doing well, and these lessons were sometimes hard to learn because my performance suffered. But overall, this experience and observations really spoke to me about the importance of self-care and acknowledging, once again, that this energy and empathic knowing is real.

Sure this was ‘only’ a play, but what great lessons for real life for indigo adults that have similar abilities!

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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