Indigo Adult Geneology

Here is a video I found about “new children”, “indigo children” and “crystal children” and “indigo adults“.

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I find this video somewhat weird because examples that they give, like the first interview, really speak of the healer’s ability to create a healing space for the kid, not that the kid had any particular power that any of us don’t have.

But what I like about the video, is that they get very specific about the changing genealogy of the human population.

So I did further research.

Many of these links are pretty complex unless you know a lot about genetics, so if you’re having trouble with the article, I recommend scrolling down to the section that says “Discussion” and that will give you the conclusions of the research.

So… so… Kind of boring. Not a scientist so wasn’t able to really get into the article.

Better-discussion section.
EXCELLENT! Here’s a quote from this article:

We show that one genetic variant of Microcephalin in modern humans, which arose 37,000 years ago, increased in frequency too rapidly to be compatible with neutral drift. This indicates that it has spread under strong positive selection, although the exact nature of the selection is unknown. The finding that an important brain gene has continued to evolve adaptively in anatomically modern humans suggests the ongoing evolutionary plasticity of the human brain.

Favorite quote:

These features suggest that the adaptive substitutions in human ASPM might be related to the regulation of mitosis in the nervous system, which can be tested in the future by functional assays of human ASPM as well as a laboratory-reconstructed ASPM protein of the common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees.

The microcephalin and ASPM genes played a big role in expanding the size of the brain. People born with defects in these genes develop brains that look normal but are only one-third the size of a full-grown human brain. As a result, their mental capacity is sharply reduced and they cannot live on their own.

I have written two posts about aliens and one theory is that aliens have been genetically tinkering with our DNA to create human hybrids, like the recent ones that contain these new chemicals.

I also have a theory that this gene shift could be that 3 generations of polluted individuals living since the beginning of the industrial age are having children with weakened the connection to the planet through a weakened physical system (from the pollution) but have compensated by having a higher ability and connection to the non-physical/energetic.

One article said that it was too fast for this shift to be natural because it was too fast, but our planet has changed quickly so I believe that it is possible for human genealogy to adapt quickly in order to survive.

Thus, the evolution to indigo children and indigo adults.

And crystal children.

And rainbow children.

And whatever new color Doreen Virtue feels like writing a book about. (but that’s a whole other post).

2 thoughts on “Indigo Adult Geneology”

  1. First off – love your blog! Just stumbled across it tonight, and you’ve got a lot of great content, including plenty that I can relate to. I’ll definitely keep reading back through old entries.

    Nice research here – its the first I’ve seen of any scientific research that seems to parallel the idea of the X-gene in X-Men (love how you use a lot of the same X-Men/HP terms that I use btw).

    My own theory for how there could be a rapid gene shift is that it is the doing of the collective subconscious. The world in general has undergone a massive increase in awareness because of the information age and globalization, which has effected the collective subconscious, and manifested in special individuals.

    1. Thank you!

      I agree with you and I definitely know that for me, the Internet has helped me to find questions that I had been seeking for a long time.

      I also think that globalization has helped us, as a global population, “feel” what we need for the well-being of the planet and those that inhabit it.

      It’s funny, a lot of people fear the upcoming earth changes, but I am looking forward to it because I think that a lot more people have been and will be “opening up”, and that will help the planet as a whole.

      And I also agree with you terms of the gene shift, and I found that fascinating, which is why I did more research on it for this post.

      ~ Peace ~
      Indigo Leslie

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