“I don’t need to know because I KNOW”

That’s what I said to one of my relatives the other day.

She was describing the terrible state of the world, in her opinion, and that it is a travesty that the young people of today don’t know what’s “going on” in the world.

And I said to her that, “I don’t need to know (pointing to my head), because I KNOW (pointing to my heart).”

I feel that most of the media machines are there not to inform the people of the world, but to strike fear into their hearts.

And, Yes…

I definitely sense a major shift coming.

And that America is in a very precarious state.

I do keep up enough to be aware of things that are taking place.

But I turn it off the moment I start to feel twinges of fear.

And I do feel them.

But I don’t allow myself to wallow so much in this fear-mongering information that I cannot quickly move myself out of that emotional space.

I will mention again that I feel strongly that as we move into the earth changes, the ability to manifest will become great in all people, and whatever people envision will come with these political and environmental shifts is what will happen.

But it will be an individual choice. And one person may not choose for another.

But one person may INFLUENCE another.

Which is why I do not spend to much time in front of TV news or with people that are constantly doom-and-gloom.

And I recommend that you do the same.

Because if you come from a space that is rooted in the fear that is being spit out by the media and by those around us that are in fear, your choices will be fear based.

But if we choose to do our best to stay in a space of peace and focus on things that we love and appreciate, we will be able to make the best choices for ourself and others when the time comes to make choices.

You must do your best to be a stand for hope and love and cooperation and a positive and happy life for the people of this planet.

That’s what I feel I and other indigo adults are here to do.

~ Peace ~
Indigo Leslie

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