How to Sit with a Guru: To All My Relations

indigo adults circle of friends small greenAs an empath and an indigo adult, I act as an amplifier of the energy that is already around me.

So when I am near a high spiritual being, like Amma or any other spiritual being or guru or presence (like the Buddha Relics), I can amplify the spiritual energy that he or she is invoking.

This is helpful to the crowd if there is a crowd, like last week when I went to see Amma. But it can also be useful beyond the immediate crowd.

In my normal day-to-day life, I can often improve the energy if I can focus on shifting the vibration up, but often the most effective thing (for me) is to not be in the midst of the lower energy when working on the lower energy.

The first time I heard the phrase “Mitakuye Oyasin” was when I was going into a sweat lodge. The Lakota sun dancer that was leading the sweat explained that it meant “to all my relations”.

The prayers and healing that we intended for ourselves also were to touch all of our relations and heal them as well. It is important to keep in mind because nothing we do is in a vacuum and as we go for healing, we heal those around us. It is impossible for others NOT to have this healing because we are all connected.

Since that time, I have gone through many healings and been to many higher spiritual places and locals. I have sat with many spiritual people.

My experience with the Buddha Relics was the most pronounced than any other in my lifetime.

But I got to thinking about my experience with the Buddha Relics as I sat in the presence of Amma, because the things running through my mind were similar to when I sat with the Buddha Relics.

At first my initial reaction is to pray for myself, pray for clear connection to spirit to guide me and to do good works with the intention of making the world a better place. I pray for my own healing.

Once I am clear, my mind moves toward praying for others, usually the people I am closest to and love. I do this by sending them love from my heart (which is even more amplified because of the higher spiritual energy I am connecting with) and prayers for well being and joy.

My next instinct is to pray for those that I really don’t like or I feel have done injury to me. I do this in my day-to-day life, but in the higher spiritual energy of a guru, it is much easier to send love to them and pray for their joy and well being.

Then my mind starts to ponder what else to pray for and where to send love and healing. I moved on to the general workspace that I am in, or the workspace I was in a year ago. With Amma, my next inclination was to send love and well being to my entire apartment building, and then the political buildings of my city – and that the individuals that spend time there and make decisions there be guided by the wisdom in their heart and the well-being of the people they serve.

And then I just pray for the city and all that dwell in the city. I pray for peaceful resolutions, safety, love and well being for all that inhabit the city. This was especially true with Amma because of her intention to bring light and healing to the mid-west. I felt that when I focused on the entire city of Chicago it was even more powerful because my intention was aligned with hers.

And then I prayed (as I always do) for the non-human beings in the world. I still focus on sending healing to the ocean life that is recovering from the oil spill in the gulf, but also to all the animals, plants, minerals and air. They are my relations as well.

I pray for you, my readers, too, and sent you love and gratitude. For those that are still learning to balance the energetic world with the physical world (I’m included in that group), I prayed that you find strength and balance and joy soon. I pray for your comfort and well-being.

So even though my own healing will ripple out “to all my relations” on its own, like a drop of water into a pond, I have come to recognize that I can serve my relations (and the intentions of the higher being or energy before me and the universe) by directing my thoughts and prayers in a specific direction.

It took me a while to ground myself after last week’s healing with Amma, but once I did, I have to say that my drive home felt like a fresh rain that had just fallen and cleaned the air.

There was a clarity and refinement to Chicago that I have never felt in the year I have lived here.

Perhaps I was still in the guru’s energy, but I really do think that it was the way I focused while in the guru’s presence. I think it shifted something in a good way.

I hope it keeps going. I hope others feel it. I hope that it makes the city more peaceful, loving, gentle and joyous.

~ Mitakuye Oyasin ~

Indigo Leslie

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