Healthy Food Guide for Indigo Adults: Perfumes to Protein

I have just noticed that since I started this blog about
indigo adults, I have been manifesting lots of indigo around me.  That’s good, though, because one of the major ongoing sections I intended to have on this blog was a Healthy Food Guide and a Healthy Food List for indigo adults.

I am not a nutritionist and I am very aware that what is appropriate for one indigo is not appropriate for another.  Also, much of these recommendations are based on what works for me, living in a pretty energetically-grounded environment (except when i’m in Sedona) in the high desert of Arizona.

I wanted to add this because I know that when i was younger I got my body into a lot of trouble by eating the wrong foods.  At the time, there was a lack of awareness of the effects of food on emotion, energy, etc, and how toxins really, really can shut down the body.  This is even truer for the sensitive physical system of an indigo adult or indigo child.z

The first thing I want to mention isn’t a food. This product synchronistically has the world indigo in the name, and they make my favorite scent…  a perfume spray from a company called Indigo Wild.  

I met the folks from Indigo Wild a few months ago at Expo
West, a natural foods and product convention that occurs every year in March in
Anaheim, CA.  

Not only were the reps from Indigo Wild super-cool, but I discovered that they
make my favorite soap (Zum Bar in frankincense and myrrh) and they also have a
perfume mist (Zum Mist) and laundry detergent (Zum Clean) to go with it. 

Yummy scents and no noxious ingredients so I can use them
without having a chemical reaction. 
They actually feel really good to use.  You can find Indigo Wild’s products at health stores like
Whole Foods or go to their website for a catalog. 

Additionally, I have been going through a smoothie phase (it
happens once in a while) and I while the purple hue of my smoothie is caused by the marion
blackberries I was adding, rather than the mix, I wanted to mention two smoothie mixes
that I have really been enjoying. 

I have heard that indigo children, indigo adults, and
crystal children and adults do well on raw food. 

I never have been able to be a raw foodie as I get very,
very tired without animal protein in my diet.  But here are two raw, vegan smoothie mixes to add to your
indigo drink:

The Ultimate Meal

I like this one because I feel like it gives me nutrients
that my multivitamin doesn’t give and the nutrients are more accessible because
they are in food form.  I have
heard that the creator of The Ultimate Meal, Sam Gerard, is a bit of a fanatic
when it comes to his health and his products, in terms of healthfulness and
benefit, but I think that’s a good thing right. 

I drink this one when I am thinking more about getting
nutrients into my body than protein, though there is protein in the mix.


Sun Warrior Vegan Rice Protein

I started to drink this when I was on maintenance after
finishing phase 2 of a diet involving HCG.  I wanted to get more protein in, but I didn’t want it to be
overly processed and by body really reacts poorly to soy and a lot of the
mainstream proteins on the market. 

I found a website where others talked about the benefits of
Sun Warrior protein after main phase of the HCG diet, so I decided to check it

This is my favorite in terms of flavor.  And I chose this one over Ultimate Meal
when I feel I have a need for extra protein.  It also mixes better with other foods and does not call for
a strict protocol like Ultimate Meal. 
Sun Warrior protein also has a variety of flavors.

If you try any of these items out, please let me know
how you like them.  I am always on
the look out for healthy eating guides that are compatible with my indigo adult
system, and if I find anything that really rocks my world, I will pass the
information on to you.

And don’t forget to add the indigo… Indigo marionberries,
that is!


Indigo Leslie

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