Healers Heal. Doctors Doctor the Healing.

A short anecdote…

I went to the doctor recently to take care of a minor earache.

I am in my thirties and one of the nurses was looking over the intake form and in a high-pitched, shocked voice she said, “There’s nothing wrong with you?!”

And I was like, “Well, no. Why would there be?”

Another nurse came in and the other left. She said the same thing in the same exact voice.

Then the doctor came in, and again in the same tone, “You don’t have anything wrong with you?!”

“Well, no, except for what’s going on with my ear. What I came in here for. Normally, I work on myself and I know I need help with this. So I came in.”

She looked at me like I was crazy because there was nothing chronically wrong with me.

And I laughed to myself because there are very high statistics correlating people’s wellness and the amount of trips one takes to the doctor.

See, there will be nothing wrong with you if it’s not diagnosed. All of a sudden, when it’s diagnosed, it becomes a problem.

For example, later in the exam felt my throat and I said, “I always have swollen glands. From when I was ten. Nothing has come of it. No biggie.”

She responds, “Maybe you have Epstein Barr Syndrome”. And I was like, “I doubt it.”

She said, “Well, have you ever been tested?” And I was like, “Uh, who cares. I feel great most of the time since we noticed twenty years ago.”

I was, however, stuck with a needle every time I went to the doctor as a teenager to see if those swollen glands were mono. And they never were.

So, here’s my point. Doctors are there to find what’s wrong with the body. And then to focus on it. And then to get you to focus on it and believe in it. That’s their job.

And then once they get you to focus and believe something’s wrong, it is likely that you will start manifesting something wrong.

I stay healthy by staying away from doctors.

This might not be good advice for everyone, and there are some docs out there that are more progressive and integrative and moments when a doctor can be useful (as with my ear), but for the most part, it is a pretty jacked up profession, especially in the U.S.


~ Indigo Leslie ~

PS: Look at the word doctor. Healers heal. Doctors doctor the healing.

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