Happy Belated Thanksgiving Indigo Adults

Hi Indigo Adults!

I have been enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday with my family and I apologize for the lack of posts these last couple weeks (might be a bit inconsistent until January).

Speaking of Thanksgiving… This is one of my favorite holidays for a couple reasons. One is that it’s universal to everyone in the U.S. because it is non-religious, everyone celebrates it. It’s nice that the entire country is harmonious about it.

The second reason is that the feeling off appreciation for others has become increasingly pleasurable to me, so having a holiday where all everyone does is appreciate the world around them feels really good.

Additionally, as I become more in tune with the thoughts of others, I can get the appreciative thoughts of others more clearly and it is such a nice energetic exchange because then I send it back out again.

Thanksgiving should be everyday for everyone. Can you imagine how great the world would be if everyone was sending thoughts of appreciation to each other?

I write out or focus on all the wonderful things in my world (even on those hard days when it’s more challenging to pull my attention away from those things that don’t make me feel good). I find that this not only benefits me, but it benefits the subject that I am focusing on and, if it is a person/people, the interactions I have with that person/people.

I’d like to conclude by saying I appreciate that you are reading this. It brings me great joy to share my thoughts here on this blog and to get others’ thoughts in return.

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