Greens 8000 for Indigo Adults

Greens 8000
Greens 8000

I’m going to take my time writing about the products I liked and learned about at Expo West this year because I always leave with a bunch of samples and I want to go through them slowly so that I know what is actually having a positive effect on me. While I compile my own healthy food list, I will share my discoveries here at The Indigo Adults blog.

The first product that I have been using pretty consistently with a positive experience is Greens 8000.

I’m not going to write all of the specs on it and I presume that you know what a green drink is… usually one that has a bunch of fruits & veggies in it that helps you to achieve the nutrients you need from those foods if you’re not getting enough of them in your diet.

Normally I don’t feel much with green drinks and have not been very impressed with them.

But I met Coco March, the owner and developer of Greens 8000 and we had a long discussion about her product.

After the discussion, she gave me a lot of samples and insisted I would feel the difference in my life.

Well, she was right. And she was right almost immediately!

They were handing out samples at The Expo, which is a draining and chaotic atmosphere that usually has me running ragged by the third day. I drank several samples at the booth and felt much better in a very short time.

I can’t say that this is an indigo adult product, as much as one for the general public, but I think that empaths and other psychic minds sometimes get run down by the atmosphere they are surrounded by, and this product is a good way to add a bit of shielding to your field (that’s not official, but that’s how I’m perceiving my body’s reaction to the drink supplement).

As a side note, I actually really like the “Reds” drink better than the “Greens”. My body reacts to it in a positive and immediate way.

You can read more about it by going to their website:

By the way, I don’t earn anything if you buy it. Just letting you know about one of the cool things I found at Expo West this year…

BTW, the “8000” comes from the ORAC levels in one 8 oz. serving. ORAC was a buzz-word this year at the Expo, and it refers to the anti-oxidant levels in supplements. That’s a simplified explanation and you will find more info about it on the Greens 8000 website.

More to come!

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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  1. I am so glad I found a blog like yours!!!! I am an indigo adult too and I think its amazing that you are expressing so many great tools and ideas surrounding this.

    Thanks. I will be checking back often =)

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