Great 2012 video by Doreen Virtue – all Indigo Adults Should Watch

I thought this was a great video by Doreen Virtue about 2012.  The aspects of clearing and shielding the energy field are especially important for indigo adults and indigo children, whom I believe feel into the collective more intensely than others do.

This video pretty much confirms what I have been feeling. I have felt that a lot of the environmental upheaval has been more from having an acute global communication system rather than it being anything new.  100 years ago would we have known about the earthquake in Japan? Maybe.  But we wouldn’t have seen videos on YouTube, which is infinitely more devastating from an emotional/mental point of view.

Here is Doreen’s Video:

Here is a summary of her advice with my notes in-between:

In these times we must be vigilant about maintaining a clear energy field and shielding EVERY DAY!


Salt Water/Ocean Swimming

Sunshine (no sunscreen but don’t burn… Go out early or late in the day… Not necessary to go out during high noon)

Energy Healing from a pure and enlightened healer

Connecting with Animals / pets

Crystals with Clear Energy

Flower Essences

I also have a good clearing/sheiding meditation for you posted on this page.


Calling on god/spirit/holy angels to shield self

I have been carrying around Angelite
and Black Tourmaline and it feels really good to me. The Angelite
raises vibration and keeps angels close and guiding me and the Black Tourmaline
keeps me grounded. It’s a great combo!

I also wear a super seven crystal, 24-7. Got this in Sedona and haven’t taken it out of my field since the day I bought it.

PRAY FOR EVERYONE, not just ourselves or our family

FORGIVENESS: This will lighten us up the most. Rise above the human ego.

This is in line with me giving all of this over to the divinity. See my Freefalling post for how I got into this space. And since I’ve been in this space I have just praying every moment I get and allowing myself to be guided… not attached. This seems like the totally right thing to do right now. It was uncomfortable to get to this space, but now that I’m there it feels so good and safe.

I would like to end this message with a second video by Doreen Virtue. This one made me laugh because she explains that the Mayan calendar ends because the Mayans were invaded and it is an unfinished project. It’s as if to say, “Oops. Oh well” and that makes me laugh because if you flash forward 5000 years later it makes humans think that this “Oops” is literally the end of the world. I just find that kind of funny.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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