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In my last post I said that there would be a lot more posts that are actionable.


Until my family was kind enough to fumigate my tent a month ago, I had spent almost a year (except for the winter) sleeping in a tent.

This was because in the current living situation I am in, I am very uncomfortable. There is a lot of residual energetic stuff and a ton of crazy clutter. I have trouble sleeping, wake up in a stupor for the first hour and always wake up with aches that I don’t have when I am away. And no matter how much I clear my energy, I don’t feel as well as when I am not in the house.

I started sleeping in a tent because the basement flooded a year ago and in order to prevent mold, the basement had to be sprayed with a chemical that the workmen said was non-toxic but smelled like a cheap bathroom cleaning factory had exploded in the entire house.

I couldn’t breathe without wanting to puke.

So I slept outside for a night and liked it. And that turned into a month. And then that turned into several months until snow made my tent collapse and rip last December.

Then I got a new tent which got sprayed with poison a few weeks ago, but having to move out of that tent actually set off a chain of events that surprisingly had positive consequences that I will write about in the future.

I had never felt so connected to the earth as during my time tenting every night.

BTW, I didn’t pitch it in the backwoods. I pitched it in a backyard in suburbia.

It was fascinating to me…

I would go outside to sleep and get in the tent and lie down. I could feel how tense my body was initially. Then it would start to relax and I could feel this “wawawawa” energy move through my body from my feet to my head, washing off whatever energy was on me from the day. And then I just felt gratitude.

It was awesome, and the thought of it is actually bringing me to tears right now.

If you can’t or don’t want to tent, that’s fine, but try to find a way to get in nature more… sitting on the earth or going to the beach. Whatever feels best for you.

It is important to get connected to earth for your health, and so that you can hear HER (Earth) and yourself better. This ability to hear will guide you in your choices when you want to protect her (the earth) and will give you vision on how to do so. My upcoming writings will be on my visions for a possibility that I see benefiting a number of people and groups if implemented.

I wasn’t even trying to see anything like that when I went out there. It was never my goal to meditate on how to make the world better.

I was just trying to feel better and breath fresh air.

But it just happened.

I would also like to mention that if you are not comfortable in nature, I completely understand.

I grew up in New York, and as much as I love nature, I still get jumpy at night when a moth flies into me. It’s hilarious actually.

I don’t want to give you the impression that existing in nature comes naturally to me, but after a bit of effort and constantly switching my thoughts away from the the irrational visuals of a coyote snuggling up to me in the middle of the night next to the tent (which kind of did happen the first time I camped 15 years ago), it became more natural to me.

And now I love it.

So if sleeping outside is too much for you, maybe just start with drinking your tea while sitting leaning up against a tree.

After a while you’ll start to feel its awesomeness.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: And if you are empathic, isn’t it much better to be connecting empathically with the grass and trees and squirrels than with all of the man-made stuff you come in contact with on a daily basis?

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