Great New Website for Indigo Adults…

I really liked a lot of the articles from this website and am looking forward to the 42 Day Challenge that is mentioned on the site.

This post in particular was very interesting to me:

Happy People Love Happy People

I have used several analogies to describe the energetic/vibrational way of viewing the world and this article does a great job of framing the conversation in a way that I have not done here.

Soooo… I thought you’d appreciate it.

Happy Reading!

Indigo Leslie

3 thoughts on “Great New Website for Indigo Adults…”

  1. Hi! It’s great to see more people coming up with better websites and methods of uniting the Indigo’s and the human race all-together so thank you it is much appreciated.

    I’ve known I was an Indigo since I was 16, that was 5 years ago, and since then I’ve been trying to find out what the path of the Indigo is in this lifetime. Everyone’s happy to discover they’re Indigo’s and learn what that means but what I haven’t seen is a website or initiative towards actually changing the system and implementing the better ways of the Indigo way. I plan on developing my own website at some stage and working with other Indigo website developers & importantly the Zeitgeist Movement who already have 420 000 members directed towards changing the system.

    Instead of Indigo’s only talking about how wonderful it is to be Indigo & their discovery thereof, I want Indigo’s talking about really making a difference. This requires research into the current state of events, there spreading of awareness of such things and coming up with solutions for worldwide implementation.

    The time is NOW!

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