Flu Shot or Carbon Steel – An Edgar Cayce Approach to Staying Well

EdgarCayce_Indigo_AdultsSometimes I think that because Edgar Cayce was one of the first well-known intuitives (long before being gifted in that way was something people spoke about), that his messages have been brushed off as being something quaint and from another era, but not particularly useful.

But perhaps we should revisit Cayce’s wisdom with all of these well-publicized flu and cold bugs going around!

Recently, I found myself on a website that described a variety of Cayce’s techniques for healing and staying well.

The site is called http://radialappliance.teslabox.com/, and I found it because I was reading some blog comments on a natural healing site and someone mentioned carrying carbon steel coins to help improve one’s immune system, especially in relation to sinuses/Ear-Nose-Throat issues.

I ordered one from James at Teslabox, and kept it with me from the moment I received it.


At first I thought it wasn’t doing anything, especially because I know that the Rejuvenizer that I wear is already protecting me quite a bit. It neutralizes bugs and viruses in the air.

But then I went in to New York with a relative and by the time we got back to New Jersey, we were both feeling run down and that we had both caught something.

The next morning I woke up feeling fine. I had slept with the piece of carbon steel in the pocket of my pajamas, as directed (or sometimes pinned to my pajama bottoms).

That same morning, my relative was feeling unwell. By the next day, the cold had fully developed, so I gave her the carbon steel piece that I had been carrying in my pocked 24/7.

Within 20 minutes I started to feel emotionally distraught. 24 hours later I felt quite unwell and was quite out of sorts emotionally.

I noticed during those 24 hours that the evening I fell asleep without the carbon steel, I got the sense that there was all of this energetic debris around me… especially around my head… and it felt like this debris was pelting me in the face. Weird, huh?

In the meantime, my relative had a 90% recovery. It was amazing, actually. She credited it to her own immune system, not the carbon steel, so she gave the carbon steel back to me, seeing how distraught I was.

Within 20 minutes I felt better. Unfortunately, within 24 hours her cold was back.

So I had a few more pieces of carbon steel shipped to me quickly and my relative was given another piece. She is now on the mend again and feeling better, although this time she is taking the carbon steel off at night, which is when I felt it was most helpful, so it is taking longer for her to fully recover.

I’m writing about this because I have heard of many people running out to get flu shots because they hear on the news that there is “something” going around. While I’m no doctor, my understanding of the flu shot is that it can protect you from a few different strains of the flu, but that there are so many strains going around that the likelihood that you have immunized yourself with the correct strain is slim. Not to mention all of the downside that comes with vaccines.

So a much less invasive approach is to try out something like carrying carbon steel, take copious amounts of vitamin C, and making sure sure to rest when feeling run down.

The difference between the Rejuvenizer and the carbon steel?
I get the sense that the Rejuvenizer balances me, but that as an indigo adult and an empath, it won’t ground me or cancel out my gifts and abilities. Which means I still have to work at grounding my energy, cutting cords on a regular basis, and clearing my energy.

Why did I feel crappy the evening I didn’t wear the carbon steel, even though I had the Rejuvenizer?
This one was a bit confusing to me, but I think I figured it out. The Rejuvenizer cleanses me to a certain degree, but the space I live in right now is energetically bombarding on its own. In addition to that, the wi-fi for the house sits less that two feet from my feet when I sleep. I also I never cleaned myself after visiting New York.

The Rejuvenizer is an excellent tool, and despite living in such an energetically and electromagnetically dense situation right now, Rejuvenizer is allowing me to live well even in these conditions (which used to leave me catatonic in the past).

I admit that with the carbon steel I got a bit lazy about clearing my energy because the grounding affect allowed me not to feel the energetic debris that was hanging out around me because I wasn’t cleansing. It makes sense that the Cayce Coin helps with sinuses because for me, sinuses correspond heavily with the third eye, and is why I always get sinus stuff when I come back to NJ.

So to answer the question…
The carbon steel’s grounding effect has made me less psychically sensitive (YAY), but I must remember that just because I don’t feel something energetically doesn’t mean that it’s not there and that my energy doesn’t still need to be cleansed with the same vigor and consistency.

I wore the carbon steel to an event the drew a lot of psychics and intuitives and, being an empath, that cracked me open again, despite the carbon steel. And without cleansing, it opened me up to all the garbage in my energy field.

So the lesson there is to continue to clear one’s own energy field, regardless of whether I feel it is necessary or not.

Bottom line:

I’m digging the Cayce Coin and I think it could help a lot of indigo adults in two ways. The first is that it will help people who have trouble grounding and don’t always want to be “on” with their abilities but can’t seem to turn them off (that’s me), but also it will help the general population by perhaps protecting individuals from illness on an energetic level.

Where to buy Cayce Coin: http://radialappliance.teslabox.com/store/carbon-steel-coin/

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: In the interim between the first and second shipment of Cayce Coins, we tried to use carbon steel nails from a hardware store. It didn’t seem to have any effect and I think it is because there needs to be a certain percentage of carbon in the steel for it to be effective. Here is some of the literature that came with the Cayce Coin.


PPS: If you could help me send love and healing energy to my relative, it would be greatly appreciated.

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