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Fallen Angel: The Experience of Going from Heaven to Hell (twice)

indigo adult fallen-angel

The problem with visiting Sedona is that if any opportunity comes up that involves the world outside of Sedona while I am in Sedona and connected to the protective Sedona energy, it is very challenging to get an energetic reading on the opportunity.

I haven’t written for a month because in the time between leaving Sedona and now, I have had a number of experiences that have left me beyond disillusioned, to the point where I am ready to say, “Go ahead destroyers. I am so over trying to protect a race that is so out of it that they abuse what little light (me) they have access to. So destroy everything, you, the destroyers of all that is good and alive. I have been abused too much, do not fear death or the end of human life on this world… so destroy. The planet will do just fine without out zombie-like human beings consuming the planet and all goodness in it.”

The first time I left Sedona (in 2011) I left thinking I was about to start an educational journey that fused my creativity with the opportunity to support myself with ease and pleasure. I ended up in the lowest vibrational academic setting in the lowest vibrational city (Chicago) that I have ever lived in.

This time (last month), I took some promotional work a friend offered me while I was in Arizona, promoting solar panels. It sounded like it was a totally perfect fit for me and perfectly in line with my core values. Well, the place I was assigned to do the promotion was, again, one of the lowest vibrational locations in Phoenix, with abusive people around me in one of the most dingy, “sad” (to quote yelp reviews I read afterward) places in Phoenix. The solar panel company offered zero support, even when their display products kept breaking. This in itself was heartbreaking to me because they are quite well known in the world of portable solar panels and considered very “leading edge” and now I know they are just crap and will likely fail innocent people in a real emergency.

So the revelation here is this…

Don’t make choices about the next step in life while still connected to the Sedona energy if that step is outside of the protective bubble of Sedona.

It is as if I am glowing so brightly when I leave Sedona that the shit-storm that is on the other side of Sedona’s happy-bubble needs to kick me in the emotional and energetic guts over and over in order to allow me to mesh properly with “normal” humans.

And so that’s what my last month has been about.

I’m sorry this hasn’t been as uplifting as usual. I am still working toward balancing myself out through meditation now that I am in a different place, but I felt I should write and wanted to be forthright about my experience and where I am right now energetically (all you wise, intuitive indigos would have known, anyway). 🙂

By the way, the tools that typically work for me, like meditation and Access Consciousness and energy clearing, didn’t seem to work in hell (er… the saddest place in Phoenix). Probably because I am an empath and was running the dark energy of those around me and unable to separate my own lighter vibration out of the mire when in the dark places of Chicago and Phoenix. This has led to more disillusionment because these tools should work EVERYWHERE, especially when you need them the most.

The upside of now saying DESTROY to the destroyers is that in Chaos Theory, entropy is necessary to create a new reality.

Perhaps I have been asking too gently and kindly for change.

Now I don’t care how change happens or if I go down with the ship. I am so over this whole thing.

~ Peace ~
(or not)
Indigo Leslie

PS: I will post again when I am in a better space. Until then, the next book I was going to select for the Indigo Adults Book Club was Bodymind by Ken Dychtwald, which I read years ago (when I was in a much better space) and is great. This will be the book for August. No book for July.


2 thoughts on “Fallen Angel: The Experience of Going from Heaven to Hell (twice)”

  1. Is Phoenix low vibration? I currently live there. I feel like the energy is harsh compared to where I lived on the east coast, but I’ve been told by other sensitive people who live here that the energy is actually healing, and better than other parts of the country. I moved to an apartment complex that holds a gentler energy. I hope you found a place to live that better. 🙂

    1. You must have been reading my mind because I have been pondering doing a blog post of an infographic that I would create has on it a scale of lowest vibration cities I have lived in, to highest vibration cities I have lived in.

      And just like the Acid/Base scale, I feel like we, as humans want to be just slightly above the middle.

      I have visited Phoenix, but I have not lived there. I have lived in Sedona, Cottonwood and Flagstaff.

      While Sedona is the highest vibration, it is kind of like having water that is too high a pH. Because of the high vibration, it is really easy to manifest and for most people in the long term (even indigos) having a negative thought once in a while happens. But the flow happens so fast in Sedona that it is challenging to course correct unless you are there for vacation or spend your time meditating and only having positive thoughts all the time.

      I mention this because I felt much more comfortable in Flagstaff and Cottonwood, which has a bit the residual energy of Sedona, but didn’t feel like I was standing in heavy rapids all the time.

      In terms of Phoenix… I am not sure. I will say that it is higher than New York / New Jersey because it is less dense with people. That seems to be a factor in a lot of places. Though in an odd way, New York… specifically Manhattan… feels higher vibe to me and I can’t figure out if it is because I was born and raised in New York and therefore it feels native to my own energy or because being empathic in New York makes me less energetically sensitive because in a weirdly converse way, I am empathically picking up on everyone else’s lack of energetic sensitivity (But OMG do I feel it when I leave the city and go to Jersey.)

      Do you find you are more energetically aware in Phoenix? It could be that you are more open to the heavier stuff around you in Phoenix?
      Do you feel like you are going through a clearing or transformation yourself? That can sometimes make outside energy feel harsh?

      If you spent most of your life on the East Coast, the Arizona desert energy can sometimes feel harsh. It’s not just a temperature but it could be your own discomfort along with the discomfort of those around you (including animals) that you are picking up on.

      And just from a more tangible standpoint, when I lived in Los Angeles, the energy after a rainstorm felt lovely because it put a lot of negative ions into the air and everything then felt a lot more grounded. Places like Phoenix and Los Angeles do not get a lot of sun which can make the vibe there feel a little unsettling. There is a great little place in Mesa called The Salt Lady. She has a whole room filled with Himalayan salt bricks and she lets you sit in there and relax. Himalayan Salt releases negative ions into the air. It might help.

      Also, I would get terrible headaches traveling from Las Vegas (low vibration) to Flagstaff or Sedona (much higher vibration). It still happens on the East Coast when there is a huge jump one way or another in vibrational clarity (using going from lesser clarity to greater). If you travel to a city that has a less harsh vibe, see has you feel as you are leaving Phoenix and then returning to Phoenix.

      Let me know if any of this resonates with you and if you visit The Salt Lady.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

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