angels and indigo adults

Everyone Agrees About Angels – How Indigo Adults Can Gain Greater Communication

Lately, I have been going through a phase in which I have been shifting through spiritual beliefs at a rapid pace.

My prayers and thoughts are Catholic, Pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist and Hindu, with a little bit of quantum physics thrown in for good measure!

But it seems that the constant aspect of all of my prayers always involve angels.

Even when I am conferring with Buddhist wisdom, listening to Alan Watts and praying for non-attachment, I get that angels are still involved with my personal spiritual practice and that most Buddhists would not have a problem with that (though they might refer to them as Devas).

During the few days that this thought about angels continued to reappear in my mind, I went to a used bookstore to find a book on deciphering Hexagrams (see my last post on Diamond Hexagrams!)

angels and indigo adults

Instead of finding that book, I found one of the best angel books I have ever read on the subject (and I have read many) called: The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide for Those Who Believe in Angels.

It’s the best because it is practical.  There are only a few guidelines one needs to remember to be able to work with angels.

I have been practicing for a few days, and though I have always worked with and communicated with my angels, the techniques in this book have made the communication and help from them much greater.

In fact, before I found the book I was praying on a daily basis to them and asking them for greater communication in my life, and giving them full permission to intervene in my life if it leads to a better, happier, more joyful, more abundant, healthier, more fulfilling and more love-filled life experience.

I guess they heard me because they sent this book.  🙂

Thank you Angels!

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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