Energy Healing Video For Indigo Adults


I am getting my first Jin Shin Jyutsu session today!

I was doing some research on this energy healing modality and I found this beautiful video.

Energy Healing Jin Shin Jyutsu Meditation for Indigo Adults

It helped me tremendously, even though I wasn’t particularly out of balance.  But it elevated my sense of well being even more than where it was before.

I love processes that are accessible enough to do in 5-10 minutes because we can fit that in our day in an easy way.

I also love that Mea Hutchenson (the woman in the video) related this self healing technique to helping with the healing of the world.

It seems like a lot of the comments I have received from indigo adults have been passionate requests on how to help the planet.

This meditation/energy healing exercise is a perfect way to balance within in order to balance the outside world.  Additionally, balancing within is really the ONLY way to help the outside world. We must take action, but we also must do it from a balanced and heart-centered place, whenever possible. This is how to build a world of beauty and love.

If you try this exercise, please share how it felt for you in the comments area below!

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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