Earth Changes and Law of Attraction

Earth Changes, Global Stabilization and The Law of Attraction

Earth Changes and Law of AttractionCan the law of attraction be used to shift the earth to health and stability?

As I gazed up at the stars while taking my dog out for his last bathroom break of the day, I couldn’t help but notice how I was completely comfortable in my long sleeved t-shirt and jeans. Barefoot.

It smelled like the juicy earth, which is what it smells like during spring in New Jersey. But it wasn’t spring in New Jersey. It was December in New Jersey, just a few days ago and less than 20 days before the Winter Solstice. December in this area is normally a time for hats, jackets and boots, but this year the trees still had leaves.

Leading up to this evening were a majority of days in November that also did not require a jacket or hat. And on every one of those days, I thought to myself, “This weather feels good and I’m grateful for that, but I feel uneasy regarding the inappropriateness of being able to wear a sundress and open-toed sandals at this time of year,” (especially to Thanksgiving dinner.)

But maybe every time those uneasy moments come up, I should immediately switch my thoughts to a healthy, balanced, life-nurturing earth that I know is possible for our future.

I bring this up to inquire whether you think the law of attraction can slow or exacerbate climate change, and I would love to get other indigos’ thoughts on it.

In the concept of law of attraction:

  • A person perceives a Current Condition.
  • Decides on the Desired Condition.
  • Focuses on the Desired Condition as though it is the Current Condition and puts a lot of energy into Desired Condition (visualization, emotions, etc)
  • Through that focusing, the Desired Condition becomes the Current Condition.
  • The caveat is that the Current Condition can be shifted into an Undesirable Condition through the same focusing (visualization of a bad scenario and the negative emotions that typically go with that).

Are We Increasing Climate Change by Getting Emotionally Entangled by Fear

I am usually very good at monitoring my thoughts, but in the midst of the inappropriate weather we have been having, I find myself rattled a bit at a very deep level at how far humans (and especially corporations) have gone to destroy the well being of earth and her inhabitants.  And there are many who also share my outrage and concern.

This is not a post about the polution, though.

This is a post about that unsettled feeling.

Like, when Han Solo says, “I’m getting a bad feeling about this.” That’s what kicks in when the weather is 70 in December in New York.

And then I get angry that we, as a collective (and again, especially the leaders and the corporations) haven’t done anything to prevent this.

So the next question is, “Is it constructive to feel this way? Is it helping energetically to feel anger about the preventable destruction and pollution?”

This is something I think about a lot.  This is something that I wonder about for a number of different areas of politics and social conditions.

This is something that could potentially improve the well being of our planet despite the physical realm looking as though it is going in the opposite direction.

Action is often born out of outrage. Is it right action? Sometimes it is.

If we look at many political movements, they start with outrage.

If we look at people chaining themselves to old-growth trees, it probably started with outrage at some corporation proposing thato these unrecoverable ecosystems be destroyed.

But many of the the successful political and social movements shift into love (love of trees, nature, an old growth forest ecosystem) and the intention of manifesting a positive reality and that ends up being the focus.

Successful action is taken from the positive future one envisions (or an organization envisions) and the positive emotions that future evokes.

I’m not saying to not take action or to bury one’s head in the sand. That would be impossible for most people anyway. The news is right in front of us every time we turn our phone on.

I am saying that if you feel unsettled from a Current Condition, your recovery should go like this:

Experiencing Uneasy Feeling —> Remind Oneself of Desired Condition —> Feel the emotions from Desired Condition —> Take Action with Those Emotions

manifest healthy earth-1365995_1920

On a more esoteric level, let’s talk about infinite realities…

By connecting with the reality of an earth with stable weather, a clean environment and the beings of this planet being able to live joyful happy lives that are healthy and well connected to the well-being that a healthy earth can provide, and allowing the emotions from that reality to wash over me/us, I believe I/we will be automatically shifted into that reality being born into our experience versus other realities that other people are living where that is not so.

It’s food for thought, huh?

And for now, I have made the determination that I will be taking more action in the realm of creating the reality of a healthy planet.

Through my meditations have already build this healthy world and it feels so tangible to me sometimes.

Through introducing permaculture concepts to my local area I take action toward this joyful future and bring it into the joyful now. Those in realities that do not have healthy earth in their future will not be drawn to the healthy manifesting of the planet, or I shall be moved to where a healthy planet is coming forth, and most likely that place will have me happily surrounded by those who are also manifesting a reality of a healthy planet full of well-being.


From the unsettled feeling of unnatural weather phenomena, I shift my energy and emotion and become inspired by how I love the vivacious and stable change of seasons of Mother Earth. From this I feel a strong desire to help her get back to that… So it is happening for me (and her) on an energetic, emotional and then physical level.

And example of a physical level thing I am doing is to present concepts of land management and care that work with her to help her thrive (permaculture) to suburbanites that are unlikely to be exposed to these concepts in any other way in the near future.  And I hope they love it as much as I do.

And maybe from there, a vision of a healthy earth and healthy beings can be something that goes viral. Maybe as the inhabitants of earth, we can use this Law of Attraction to manifest the necessary changes to bring forth that which we need to happen to create well-being on the planet (while additionally taking taking action in that direction ourselves).

Affirmations (that I have found myself saying and) That Help in the Midst of The Earth Changes:

“Thank you for stability.”

“Thank you for normal and appropriate temperatures.”

“Thank you for clean, life-nourishing water.”


~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie


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