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DREAM: Spirit Guide Tells Me to Take the Crystal

citrine dream on https://theindigoadults.comI am in a small shop… kind of looks like a bodega or small diner. The small space is somewhat crowded.

There is a glass case on the table with a lot of money on it and a glowing crystal. The crystal looks like clear quartz crystal but also has orange in part of it so it also could be citrine. It is approximately the size of one of my fingers. The case is like one of those glass cases where you would get a sample of cheese or fruit at the grocery store.

The man behind the counter is the same man I dreamed of when I was 16 and doing a lot of crystal meditations.


One meditation I did when I was 16 had me lying down for a long time with clear crystal quartz on my forehead. One day I was doing this meditation but was suddenly startled and could not find the crystal, which I presumed had fallen off my forehead and onto the ground.

That night I had a dream of a Native American visiting me. He was flying over me, and he hovered about a half of a foot above my body and stared at my face/head. He reached into my forehead where the crystal (which I had been meditating with earlier) had lodged itself inside my head when I got startled.

He reached into my forehead with his fingers and gently adjusted the crystal inside my head.

Then he flew away.

In this dream (from when I was 16) I think he was bald, and I think he was young, but I can’t remember. I might still have the experience written down somewhere with a description of what he looked like.


I needed to get change for something I was buying in that tiny bodega. I think the item was $5 and I only had ten dollar bill.

He pointed to the glass case of money, indicating that I should get the change myself.

I lifted the glass and reached in to get a wad of money. I also spotted the glowing crystal and it intrigued me.

Most of the wad was big bills and it was taking a long time to go through it. I felt uncomfortable because people were looking at me and they were also looking the wad of money and I thought that they thought I was going to steal it or something.

I eventually found the singles that I needed to make change and quickly put the wad of money back.

The man behind the counter said, “You really wanted to take the crystal.”

He looked old in this dream, with very weathered skin and wrinkles, but I could tell he was also strong. His presence was quiet and centered. I think he is wearing a red and black plaid shirt.

I think I said something like, “I suppose.” or I just nodded.

The man said, “Then take it.”

I opened the case again and took the glowing crystal.

That’s all I remember.

This morning, after I woke up, I started to see posts for the protests of the Dakota Pipeline this morning. If you are not familiar with it, please read here…

And I started to cry because I am sad for them. And I want to go support them. I want to be there.


I gave up pursuing learning about Native American spirituality because when I was a news reporter at NAU, I interviewed a teacher from the Native American studies program regarding the sweat lodge tragedy in Sedona and she was adamant that the native medicine was not for non-indigenous people.

Her feeling was that if non-natives want the spirituality of the Native Peoples, then they should also be active in helping the Native Peoples with the terrible conditions on the reservations and all of the other social ills that came with dealing with the U.S. government.

It was from then on that I promised myself that I would walk the European druid’s path of earth wisdom… which matches my European bloodline, rather than follow the Native American study of spirituality, unless & until I was actively participating in assisting with the needs of the Native American culture. Not just taking the spirituality.

Since I have made that choice, the Native People’s culture still calls to me but I ignore it. I acknowledge that right now I am not contributing value to their culture right now so I feel I should not move toward it.

But I think that’s what this dream was about.

I actually feel that the crystal in this dream is the Native wisdom and that my guide is inviting me to it.

And I do feel that the man that was in this dream is a lifelong guide for me. I feel that he is the same one from when I was 16. They have the same presence.

But at this point, helping seems more important than the wisdom I initially sought when I was younger.

I wish I could go there. I wish I could help in Dakota. I wish I could do more.

And I pray that they are successful in their endeavors.

Please offer assistance if you can (donations, joining the protest and spreading the word on the Internet will help a lot)

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

2 thoughts on “DREAM: Spirit Guide Tells Me to Take the Crystal”

  1. I realize this was awhile ago, but I just felt like I should suggest this to you. Maybe the calls to you from the Native people is a way for you to be inspired to find a way to help them. Perhaps if you give in and continue your studies of Native culture & spirituality you will be given an idea that you will be able to manifest on their behalf, and in return you will be given access to even more of what you’re looking for. I love that your following the spirituality of your bloodline. I think learning and taking from all cultures is wonderful, but their is something very grounding about connecting to your own roots.

    1. There is a tribe near my home that has been severely affected by a superfund site that has caused all kinds of health problems within the tribe. (See the documentary Ford vs. Mann to see more).
      I was supposed to start learning homeopathy this winter. It did not end up happening but I feel that that type of medicine would help a lot and my hope was that if they wanted it, I would volunteer with them to help them once I was certified to do so.
      The connection to my roots is that my grandmother was a nurse and I feel that she is around me all the time. And that that healer energy is in my bloodline.
      I do hope I do get to help in a real way and in a way that is a true contribution that they want.

      Thank you for your comment.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

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