Do Indigo Adults change other people’s ability to manifest?

indigo adults presenceI have a pretty hectic schedule this month, so it’s been a challenge to sit down and write and write something for The Indigo Adults.

Short and sweet this week:

Do you think indigo adults presence changes other people’s ability to manifest?

I’m asking because I used to notice with past boyfriends they would start dating me and a ton of “stuff” or manifestations would come their way. Sometimes it was great. Sometimes it was not so great. But it was always a change from the norm for them and often extremely more busy than their non-Indigo-Leslie life.

I am currently working and I have noticed that the same thing is happening to several of my co-workers.

I sometimes think that it is because indigo adults, psychics and empaths can feel the non-physical world that they keep their energy field as clean as possible.

But if their fields then mesh with other people who are not used to the rapid fire manifestation that comes with a clean aura, these other people have the tendency to manifest all kinds of stuff… good and bad.

One can experience this in Sedona of he or she stays there long enough.

The up-side of this fast manifestation is that it also leads to fast personal growth, something we could all use.

Your thoughts on this matter would be lovely.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

1 thought on “Do Indigo Adults change other people’s ability to manifest?”

  1. Well, I think that happened to me. I have a friend with some problems in her mood. I made reiki to her and the first 2 times it felt like the energy in her flows like in vacum. She looses a lot of it and I couldn’t get her grounded in the first time because of that. Now, after some months, she asked me to do reiki again, and I did. I could get her grounded, but seemed like her body was full of ups and downs. The energy in her was totaly messed up! Tottaly diferent from the last time! And in these months, she started to see something. Some are lights, but some are shadows. And yes. she started very curious about these things…

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