Diamond Quantum Colors Helps This Indigo Adult WIth Feng Shui


Clearly I am being effected by Merc Retro because I had a sudden urge to start working with Diamond Feng Shui – a Feng Shui course that I was working with several years ago.

Unfortunately, I lent it to a friend and it got lost it in an incredibly cluttered house.  🙁

But that’s ok, because I had memorized much of that course and decided to get two new courses.

The first one I bought was called Diamond Hexagrams and the other is Diamond Quantum Colors.


Today I will be writing about Diamond Quantum Colors because that is the first program I have implemented.

Being someone who is very connected to locations and spaces, it has been quite challenging to live in my current space without feng shui-ing it. I have grown OK with the clutter, despite being able to vividly feel the effect this clutter has on the household.

I needed something that would shift the energy, but without drastically changing the look of the space, because I don’t get to make choices like that in this space.

I added elements from the Diamond Quantum Colors course 6 days ago to my bedroom and my office, and I must say that the energetic shift is palpable.

Since I aligned the colors in my bedroom, the air actually felt clearer and I walk in and relax and feel happier.

Tangible effects have been an irresistible urge to completely organize the room, removing excess furniture from walking spaces and I have also been sleeping better.

indigo adults feng shui

Even my mom, who doesn’t spend much time in the space, walked in and said, “We should maybe replace that broken desk (different than my office desk) and get a more appropriate piece of furniture for that space.

My office is in the basement, the most cluttered area of the entire house.  I can’t say that the clutter has moved at all in the last 5 days (when I placed the colors – I did the color alignment yesterday), but it feels different to come down here. I used to dread coming downstairs to work, but this last week I have been looking forward to coming downstairs to work. I am also more organized in my work, more productive and have  shifted a few furnishings in order to be more comfortable.  I have even received a few checks in the mail.

This is all great because the full effects of feng shui changes with this course are not supposed to be in full effect until nine days have passed, so I’m looking forward to more great shifts coming as time passes.

I will keep you posted.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: Just so you know, I didn’t have to change any of the colors of the furnishings or carpeting or even the decor. The changes I made were quite small because the colors are simply the symbols that help with accessing the unlimited energy of a color that lives in the quantum field. Indigo adults are typically really good with such symbols because we understand the invisible, intangible, energetic world. Heck, we can connect with people on the other side of the planet without anything tangible – only our minds and energy. This course teaches how to do that (though some tangibles are used).

Here’s the link to read more about the course: http://www.learningstrategies.com/QuantumColors/home



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