Defining “Raising The Energy”

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I want to clarify my perspective on the last couple posts regarding “raising the energy”.

I have been pondering the idea of “raising the energy” for a while and it seems arrogant to feel that I know what is best for all. Didn’t Hitler feel that exterminating the Jews was the best thing for all?

Even the most staunch KKK members think that they are improving the world by their work, even if it is horrible and violent. They are blinded by their own belief in their own correctness.

So who am I to say what is vibrationally better or clearer than something else?

I was in the midst of trying to clarifying this in my mind when I had a conversation about my blog with a massage therapist. We were talking about the energetic shift that occurs in healing and we both acknowledged that even though this philosophy has become more accepted, we still have to watch who we say it to.

I when I look at how strongly I believe that and how I believe the world would be a better place if others believed that I see myself wondering if I am guilty of arrogance in my though process, but it is only in the form of my keen awareness of the energetic and vibrational nature of life. It is because I am empathic and cannot ignore what I consider to be a universal law, much like gravity.

I cannot walk in this world as an empath and NOT acknowledge the energetic/vibrational world.

And by being someone that believes in the energetic nature of life, there is no threat of aggressively imposing it on those around me, because to so would be energetically counterproductive. Feel strongly about this truth FOR MYSELF.

So perhaps the city of Chicago needed an empath for the time being. Perhaps the woman that lives below me needed me to explain how to tweak her apartment to make it a little more energetically friendly and flowy. Perhaps the massage therapist I mentioned earlier was asking mentally to connect with others where the dynamics of energetics and vibration could be greater explored.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that raising the energy in the midwest really relates to the energetic/vibrational aspect of life being acknowledged as real, as it has been on the East and West Coasts.

And to raise this energy all I have to do is do what I do… which is chat about this stuff. Why would I do anything different? That is who I am right now.

So by casually chatting about feng shui, it acknowledging energetic impact on the physical world. That acknowledgement of energy changes and refines the energy. The thought energy it takes to think “Well, maybe there is something to this energy stuff” has an effect on that “energy stuff”. And I think it’s a good effect.

In my own belief system, when one realizes that all things are and relate to energy, one can see that one cannot injure another without injuring self. One cannot inflict pain upon another or judgement upon another because we are all the same stuff, and to do such things not only is pointless, but it creates a connection between self and other (other=person, location, object, etc) that continually invokes that injurious energy. No peace can be found on either side of this connection unless harmony is deliberately invoked by one of the members of that connection.

With the intention of love and peace for both members in this connection, the cycle can be broken and both parties can move on, ideally to better and more joyful and life supporting ways.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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