Coming out of the Indigo Adult Closet

A couple nights ago I had a dream…

I was creating a profile for myself to meet more people in my new city (just moved to Chicago).

I was talking to the man making the profile for me and when I gave him my proper name (Leslie) he said that was boring and that nobody would be interested in me or my profile.

Then I said, “Well, I sometimes use the name Indigo,” and he said, “That’s perfect.”

So in the dream I saw a big, clear close-up picture of me with my name, Indigo, underneath.

It drew a lot of attention, but then there were also people who were very mad at me.

An image from the dream is me walking down the street and having people yell at me and say mean things to me.

Another image is of me standing on a platform or stage while people looked up at me and cursed at me and spit on me.


I have been considering coming out of my “Indigo Adult Closet” lately.

I’ve been wanting to be more active with this blog and it seems like the empowered thing to do…

To not be intimidated by what the status-quo-thinking in our society is…

To take a stand more publicly for the energetic world, because it really does exist and has such a powerful impact on the physical world, which most people do not realize.

My intention in “coming out” would be so that others… muggles… people who are not comfortable / familiar with acknowledging the non-physical world… can become more accepting of it. Or at least aware that it exists.

No one has to think like me, but I think a little knowledge would help a lot of people.

But here is why I DON’T want to come out of the closet…

I have created, with your help, this really nice world here… those reading this blog… and that there is no reason to announce anything to anyone who hasn’t been led hear naturally because they won’t be open to it anyway. The anonymity is protective for all of us (especially being empaths) and so it could potentially wreck the lush ecology of this site to let people in who only want to stop through the garden.

Additionally, I am currently free right now to write about very personal things like relationships and sex and friends, and what muggles consider weird like bending time with my thoughts, without looking over my shoulder to think what my next employer might think if s/he read my blog.

Or what my lover might think if I wrote a piece about sex from an indigo adult point of view.

This question has particularly come up because I am taking a class in public speaking and I have written several speeches already but have steered clear of my urge to write about topics like the ones I blog about here (like being indigo, empathic, the planetary shifts, etc) because even though it is a supportive crowd of fellow classmates, I’m just not sure I want to step into it fully.

And, quite frankly, it feels kind of weird to have a giant blog CALLED “The Indigo Adults”… which has been up for over two years now… and is a big part of my life, but that is a secret part of my life.

Ha! It’s like a super-hero thing! “SUPER INDIGO!!!” Hahaha!!!

People are sometimes uncomfortable around “psychic” people because they feel the psychic person can “see” all of their bullshit. Which is sometimes true, but most of the time there is only a need to look into that stuff if I need to (like I need my car fixed and I need to see if a car mechanic is shady or something like that).

Other times, something weird and negative will happen and muggles will look to the person who is more energetically powerful and blame them, even if the energetically powerful person had nothing to do with it. This is a throwback to the witch trials… something I am very connected with, and also used to happen all the time (and still does a bit) with my family.

Actually, that’s what put me in the closet in the first place.

Plus, energetically powerful people never get credit when we deliberately shift things positively. Very few muggles ever say, “The plant was going to die, but this indigo said a prayer and gave it some healing energy and now it’s strong and alive.”

They will say, “This lady said some prayers, which really didn’t do anything. but I felt inspired to give it extra plant food and I think that’s what did it.”

What do you think inspired that muggle to know what to do to heal the plant? It might have been nothing but an internal process, but it most likely was the prayer… especially if things haven’t been going well up until that point.

I would love to hear other indigo adults thoughts on the matter. Has anyone else come out of the “indigo closet” to their muggle friends, and especially, business associates. How did the muggles in your life handle it? Are you glad that you shared the indigo aspect of yourself and how that affects your perception of the world or do you wish you had never brought it up? Do you ever talk to people about your abilities? What is their reaction?

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

9 thoughts on “Coming out of the Indigo Adult Closet”

  1. Oddly enough, this is exactly where I am right now as well. I have come out to a very select few and have received crickets in response. Two of my “friends” have seemingly fallen out of my life. I actually stopped blogging for a few weeks and got very sick and depressed after the rejection. I also felt a huge wave of self doubt again. The darkness broke last Thursday though and today I have my first apt with the woman who told me I was an indigo in the first place. I feel optimistic. Although I have totally backed away from my public efforts born just weeks ago, I think I will regain some of my confidence today. Strength in numbers and all that. I noticed that you tapered off on your blogging as well the past two weeks. It also seems like you like to keep a certain distance from your readers. Is this due to lack of trust? I ask because I too have a dufficult time trusting. Especially when I get shut down by those in my life that I thought I actually could trust. Maybe my feelings about you have more to do with my own shit and insecurity. I am having a hard time separating my readings of other people from my own projections right now. I apologize if that is the case.

  2. Dear Leslie,

    I am very happy to have found your site, specifically as I set an intention to find like-being and becoming individuals. I am supportive of participating in Adult Indigo, online meetup that you are pondering to start/facilitate. Where are you in the process of organizing this? Also, I read in a post that you had moved to Chicago. I live in Chicago as well and am seeking to connect in person with others who identify as Indigo. Would you be interested? If so email me.

  3. hi,
    well, i personally think that some of my dreams are not to take seriously, or to say, not to try and give then a rational explanation acording to what we know as our reality. Some of them i now, as an adult, think that are things i did in past lives, but when i had them as a child they were like nightmares. And they kept coming time after time until i solve them.
    But now, that i’m more mature and talked about it with a friend of mine that is also an indigo and searched the net, i got this idea, and i feel more secure since i did that. Sort of, it’s part of me and it’s solved and the result is a more profund knowledge of myself. This idea also came when i started to feel “one” with others.
    i have the idea that we gain certain qualities as we cross life after life (empathy, compassion, etc) and that is only possible doing some bad and good actions. We learn with this.
    This is why i think we don’t need to give explanations to every dream we have. If it has a purpose, one day later we will find it out.
    And of course, some of them don’t really match with our reality.
    Relating to coming out of the “Indigo Adult Closet”…what i can tell you is to be carefull with who you do that. The only people that i feel can understand this are other indigo or people that i know that are my soulmates. These ones, although are not indigo, can understand me without judgement. Maybe because it makes sense to them, after all, we already know each other in a diferent way, isn’t that so? Maybe it’s the empath between us that does that.
    The other people always see me as a freak or ask me to try and see their future. I can’t do that and even if i had the hability for that, i think it’s the person that should decide her live and not to search answers in others.
    This is what i feel. Hope that helped you.
    Feel free to discuss about it, because i think it’s one of the ways that we have to understand this. For me it’s an intuition and i’m used to think in rational ways, so if nobody talks about this, i will never understand if this a universal feeling or bulshit in my head.

  4. In general, when I have tried to tell people about the indigo thing, they laugh at me. So I decided to stay in the closet and at least not mention any formal label. I decided I would just speak to those I considered friends about what goes on inside me. Some of them told me point blank its like im from another planet! Others — My friends I’ve known the longest, know I don’t look at life the same way they do and that I do life very differently to how they do it. They, for the most part understand that I am different.
    I don’t bring up the psychic/intuitive things though. I feel those are my insights and my tools to use to survive in this crazy world.
    My parents…. They know I march to the beat of a different drum too, but they still constantly try and project their religion crap on me. I do get the feeling that they don’t know how to relate to me because of my life experiences and the things I have made a priority in my life and my lifestyle.
    I would love to meet others like me too… So much!

  5. Hello Leslie, as browsing for some pictures under the title indigo blue today I found your blog.
    No coincidence, I supose, since I’m at this fase of embracing my “indigoishness”.
    I was very interested in what you call indigo adult abilities. I had never thought of it that specifically.
    I’m a bit lost in my life right now but it’s always been a bit like that. I don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve aways had the ability to understnad people and their feelings. Sometimes I find myself talking about psychological and emocional processes without having ever learned about them and I have no idea where that information, which is incredibly acurate, is coming from.
    I seem to be able to help people since i understand underlying processes and decomplexify them for people.
    I don’t know what kind of ability that is or if it has a name.
    I realy identify with what indigo lily says, except for the laughing part.
    I don’t speak of being an indigo to anyone except my family because they know where i’m coming from when i talk about what i experience, they’ve always given me feedback about being like from another planet.
    i don’t hide that i’m an indigo either, i recently started a blog where I speak of it and post the links on my facebook.
    maybe i do this for two reasons that interconnect, 1st most people seem to get there’s something good about me so, on the one hand, they “want in” though on the other hand people are usualy scared of me, unconfortable (I had a psychologist who constantly told me I was scary) even without knowing anything about the indigo thing
    and 2nd, i’ve had enough, i’m so tired of feeling like a giant who has to make herself super small in order to fit in, i feel like stating: people the world has grown, deal with it!
    I’m still trying to find a balance with all of this, i’m super alone and bored to death.
    I’m confused with what to do and how to act in my everyday life.
    i wish there was a manual on how to be an indigo, none of the “shoulds” that humanity created for its elements work for me, i’m to diferent.
    Thank you for your blog, it’s has made me feel more connected and less alone.
    I just wish there was a more specific comunity close by I could “join”. I’m portuguese, by the way.

    1. Thank you for your comments.

      I have definitely felt the yearning for a manual for how to be indigo. And I have read many books on how to function well as an empath and I have yet to find one that actually helps 100%.

      I have written this blog to share my thoughts because if I were to write a manual, this is probably how it would read, but it seems like If I wrote such a manual many indigos (incluing myself) would rebel against it, if only for the sake of it being so linear and implying some right way of being. 🙂

      Even non-intuitives can sense an individual with strong inner power, and in many people this will evoke fear.

      But I think it’s best not to focus on that.

      Lately in my life I have thought that the best way of being right now is to really just clean my energy and stay in a centered space and as joyful as I possibly can be. To be honest, life is a bit bumpy for me right now, in the midst of schooling that I could take or leave with people whom I have to constantly remind myself are most likely infinitely crueler to themselves than they could ever be to me and therefore, are worthy of my love and compassion. This scholarly vibe, plus using public transportation four times every day, has been a real test to me staying centered (it’s that empathic thing that’s getting me).

      But, in the same way that doing 400 pushups a day will eventually lead to very strong arms, this current living experience is my current energetic and spiritual calisthenics. It’s not always fun, but I make it as fun as possible. And it is making me more and more capable of living in a heart-centered way, regardless of whether I am in an ideal situation or not.

      I’m telling you this because if there were a general “way to be” for indigos right now, that would be it.

      Side note: I am not encouraging staying in bad situations for the sake of spiritual advancement or anything like that. While in the midst of moving to a better place, try to see the good in where you are right now.

      As I write this, I kind of feel like this is more of a general comment to everyone. If this applies to you – GREAT – if not, then it is for other readers.

      In terms of community… there are indigo adult forums that I probably should spend more time on but don’t get around to hanging out there much. But that’s one form of community. There’s That’s the forum that comes to mind first. But I hear what you are saying. There are many asking for this. When the time is right, I feel like the answer will come, but if you have any suggestions on how to build better community, I am very open to them.

      I’m not interested in building a forum on this site, though, because I’m not interested in moderating it and I find that the commenting gets a bit unfocused and then it is hard to find the useful stuff. (like people post a gif of a farie just because they felt like it, and then another 50 people repost it – that’s a bit messy for me).

      But please – ideas on building a better connected group are always welcome.

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

  6. I am so happy to meet those like myself….. I am empathic and I can also speak telepathically with spirits in heaven just as easily as speaking to you …. I felt alone … and those who knew what I could do put me off as some freak or told me I was possessed by evil or just wanted to know whats up ahead … I have great love for humanity …and making the world a better place…. This is the first time that I can talk freely. I wish that we could all get together and talk… Its been 42 years of not knowing who I was until today.

    1. Wow. Thank you for writing.

      I’m saying wow because it’s comments like yours that inspire this site.

      Yes, I can totally relate. The people I grew up around didn’t really know what to make of me, either, and I had a very similar experience.

      About all getting together and talking… yeah, that’s one that I have been working on for a while. A chat room seems kind of cheesy. A conference call seems like it could be just me talking, but I think people are hungering for a bunch of conversations, not just me.

      I’m thinking about starting to post the events I’m going to to see if anyone shows up in my city. For instance, the Dali Lama is going to be in Chicago this month and everything in me is telling me to go (despite the fact that I’m going to have to cut class to do so). I would love for other indigos to meet me at that event. Besides, how cool would it be to see the Dali Lama speak in person?! 🙂

      Plus, I travel around enough to do something similar in other cities. So the event this month would kind of be the litmus test.

      Anyway, if you have any ideas on ways this could be set up, please let me know.

      Thanks for commenting!

      ~ Peace ~

      Indigo Leslie

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