Movie Review: Can Indigo Adults Help the World to THRIVE?

I already knew most of the information contained in this movie, but I have never seen it compiled so well or the dots connected so clearly. This is a movie about the downside of globalization: economically, environmentally and socially. It’s about the reasons positive changes on the planet have been suppressed, and what can be done about it to move us back in the right direction.

The creator is Foster Gamble, a descendant of the Proctor and Gamble fortune, which makes me somewhat reluctant to post about this movie, actually. Even though he claims his intentions are altruistic, I can’t help but think that the elite never really break from doing things in line with the elite agenda.

He has fact-checked everything, and I personally don’t believe that his theories are too far off the mark, but it is the spin that news media (pundits are a great example) and filmmakers place on facts that require watching such presentations with a critical mind.

Additionally, I have read that due to the law of free will, the elite must reveal their plan in indirect ways and if we do nothing about it is it our way of agreeing to these plans.

But that is just an aside, the movie is good and it should be watched. The visual effects offer a lot of eye candy and the end is fulfilling because it not only gives solutions but also ways to be actionable within your own life.

Should you take action? Yes, if it feels like the right thing to do.

This post goes hand in hand with the post two weeks ago about voting. What world do you want to create, both locally and globally? See that clearly in your mind and you will start to move toward it. If a suggestion on THIVE MOVEMENT’s action list resonates with your vision of the future improved world, then absolutely take that action. I was already doing everything on that action list so it’s not a big life overhaul for me.

Consider that this movie is a part of the puzzle that helps you refine your vision. Proctor gives you a vision of his own and steps to move toward it. You do not necessarily need to follow his vision, but if there are elements to it that you like or that inspire you, by all means follow away.

This is the day and age that we may not be voting with ballots, but we vote with our actions, our spending power, our deliberate intentions and the power of our thoughts. Personally, it has made me want to look more closely at renewable energy sources. I want to research how that can be more incorporated into my life. I want to pray more for the well-being of this planet. I go out to places in nature and ask the earth to tell me how I can best support her. (And she has answered back!)

I also have been researching Telsa’s work a lot more in the last year, and it seems like there are practical applications to his inventions that the Average Joe could put together without much difficulty. It was a century ago that he came up with his idea of free energy, when things were a lot more simple than today’s modern technology.

Here is the link to the movie:

Here are Foster Proctor’s Action Steps, which I believe most indigo adults already partially follow already (I know I do!):

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Can Indigo Adults Help the World to THRIVE?”

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  2. But you see dear Leslie, as royal and as honorable helping the planet or other people might seem, you cannot actually do it and you will do yourself a great disservice by doing so. Let me elaborate:

    First of all I really believe that our beloved planet does not need any type of particular help. The true spirit of altruism and “service” is to be yourself the best you can, because by doing so you literally spread positive energy all around you thus healing the planet and other people if they so choose to allow your beautiful energy to permeate them. So simply by being yourself you infuse the planet with tons of positive energy, without having to do anything special or concrete, just be and spread love and Mother Earth will thank you.

    You and the earth all already connected subtly and every action or energy flow that you direct will affect the planet directly. So don’t mind the planet, don’t mind other people. Be yourself, follow your highest excitement in every moment, as by doing so you will create a positive and safe energetic space for all to come and enjoy, if they so choose and the planet is benefiting from the fact that you are yourself.
    There is nothing, not now nor ever, that anyone can ask of yourself, then to just be yourself to the best of your ability. This is creation’s gift to you and your gift to others. Just be the piece of the puzzle that you were meant to be and let the rest take care of itself. Much love for you kind spirit!

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