Call Me Indigo – A Transformation Story from Wave-X Energy

Two months ago when I was being pushed to my soul’s limit by those around me, I had no idea about the three approaching blood moons, which people are calling activations that allow us to transcend to the next level of our evolution.

But that harassment acted as a catalyst to bring about a continuous amount of change within me that would never have happened if I had been allowed to remain comfortable (as comfortable as someone energetically sensitive can be in New Jersey). ;-P

I used to participate in a lot of seminars when I lived in California that deliberately “turned up the heat” (aka pushed our buttons) until a permanent shift and hopefully positive shift occurred in the person.

It is my philosophy now, that such seminars are unnecessary because when the soul is ready for such evolvement, it will call forth the circumstances that will lead to the right kind of pressure and then the right kind of inner growth (as opposed to the pressure contrived in workshops that was conceived by people wanting to make money but with minimal psychological or spiritual awareness or sense of responsibility).

From the events that occurred two months ago with my muggle “family”, I catapulted myself into a Permaculture Design Course, if only to get out of town and into nature while studying a subject with which I am totally enamored.

What I got from the experience was not only that healing opportunity to be in nature, learn about permaculture and get away from toxic relations, but also to discover a whole bunch of revelations about what family truly is. (For me, family are the people that are nice to me and respectful towards me, and family has nothing to do with bloodline.)

I got to live a lifestyle of living in harmony with the planet and other beings in a non-destructive, non-harmful way, surrounded by likeminded people who are passionate about living that way as well.

For me, that was heaven.

And I also got to use the name “Indigo Leslie” in my physical life for the first time.

That’s a big one for me. There is a lot of vibrational energy in a name and requesting that people call me Indigo (which started as a pen name on this site) is weird to hear, but makes my heart sing every time someone calls me by that name. 🙂

I didn’t intend for that to happen at the PDC workshop, but by the end it felt totally right.

To me, it symbolized that I am clearly shifting away from my normal, muggle life and my normal, muggle name and into the magical, heart-centered community that loves the planet and being in harmony with earth and its beings.

I also feel that it is part of my transformation that is very much related to the blood moon activations.

BTW, here are some articles that describe the phenomenon more specifically:

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After receiving my certification with my name, Indigo, on it, I took a walk.

After 5 minutes, I noticed that butterflies were swirling around me. Little red and yellow and white and indigo blue butterflies were swarming me and following me down the road.

I felt all of this love around me from nature and my guides and it made my choice feel even more correct.

I have always been reluctant to connect physical life with this site because I always felt I would hold back and not be forthright with my perceptions. Now I feel that the me that is here is much more me than the me that is my physical world, muggle facade that I was living until this August. There will be no holding back because I am stepping forth into a world where there will be no need to do so.

I might not be there fully yet (which is why only the magical people – the indigos, the permaculturists, etc know my transformation right now) but I’m happy to say, there’s no going back.

More transformation stories to come!

In what way have you felt the blood moon? Have you felt the pressure to shift toward your more magical, awakened self?

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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