Breathe Prana Heart-Centered Life Force Energy Healing

Breathing Prana to Sustain the Body

Breathe Prana Heart-Centered Life Force Energy HealingI spent all day last Sunday reading Quantum-Touch 2.0: The New Human which is a book about peace and healing that instructs the reader how to use heart/love energy (prana, life force, etc) to heal oneself and others, including physical and emotional issues, and to adjust and align bones.

Excellent book, by the way. I highly recommend it!

On a separate note…

At the same time as I was going through the book, I was also doing a 24-hour fast for detox reasons.

I am usually uncomfortable and slightly crave food during fasts, but on the day I was reading about this heart energy healing method, I was full of a higher vibration than usual from special breath and visualization methods in the book

The book focused on meditation to increase the energy in the heart chakra in order to direct it toward whatever I wanted to heal, which could be done in person or remotely (distant healing).

I found that on the day I did this heart meditation, I really did not need food at all.

I have also found that since that heart-energy day of meditation and healing, I have not really needed food.

This curious and surprised me since I am a total foodie.

Prana Breathers

But once I started to think about it some more, I realized that the experience reminded me of a book I once heard about describing people who call themselves “Breathers”.

Breathers are people who did not eat because they claim to fuel their body using prana (life force energy) from the air (where it is in copious amounts).

In other words, instead of using food to fuel their bodies they use the life force energy in air.

When I first read this years ago, I thought this was just a new-agey term for justifying anorexia, but since I have been doing short fasts on a regular basis it is a concept that I have started to explore within the short-term fasts.

What is Possible?

I would never recommend anyone do this long term, but for my own short fast, it seems to relieve hunger while increasing energy if I am in the proper mental state.

Do you think it is possible to raise one’s vibrations high enough to only breathe in the life force energy in the air for “food”?

I think the body is capable of it, but that humans have not evolved to be able to do it without starving themselves to death unless he or she is a high-level yogi. What do you think?

Here is another article about someone who tried breathing in prana to sustain energy without eating food. He seemed to like it.

I don’t recommend trying it (especially not people with a history of eating disorders) but it is an interesting read, and might offer some possibilities for fueling oneself in the midst of continuing the physical pleasure of eating.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie


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