Boom. Transformation. Boom.


A quick post at midnight to touch base.

You ever go through one of those phases where the life-learning is so fast that it is hard to know which way is up when you are in the midst of it?

That’s where I am now.




Transformation. Again.



So every time I prepare to write and have my list of one or several posts I want to create, there is then a sudden shift in my world and my spiritual eyes have to reorient themselves. Once they do, I realize I am in a completely different place.

Some of it has to do with the work I am doing with Access Awareness. And I am receiving an Access Bars session every other week.

But this has more to do with watching the s**t hit the fan in my life and having a momentary panic about that, and then watching that same s**t land drop from that ceiling fan into the perfectly positioned garbage bin below, as if by magic.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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