Any other indigo adults feeling a shift? (video)

There is a YouTube video that I have had open on my browser for over a month.

It would be good for other indigo adults to see…

I love it and I can’t seem to bring myself to close it.

It’s funny though…

I can’t seem to bring myself to post it here until now because I sometimes feel that my posts on this blog should be a bit more in-depth than a simple video post.

I think the reason this video struck me was because about two weeks after I watched it, a psychic came up to me and said I should stay out of New York in 2014. I had told him I was from New York originally, but he didn’t know that I visited often.

His words, in combination with the video describing a massive shift in consciousness that will show itself through the nervous system of those making the shift, kind of married themselves in my mind.

Add the description from the video of the world splitting in to two, which has also been described by Cynthia Crawford in a video on her website (which has been removed since I saw it because she redesigned her sight), and I start to think that my analysis is not necessary.

This information is valuable, new, as far as my research is concerned, and the video is visually interesting.

So enjoy!

Hope you are having a happy holiday!

~ Peace ~
Indigo Leslie

2 thoughts on “Any other indigo adults feeling a shift? (video)”

  1. All of this I have always known…Recently I know much more and it’s coming much more rapidly. Until Friday, 7-29-11 I had never HEARD of Indigos, yet I KNEW I WAS ONE. I ALWAYS felt alone…I AM ONE that needs the encouragement..AND I SO APPRECIATE this site!!! Thank you for being here for me when I was ready…..PEACE

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