ANNOUNCEMENT: 2014 Indigo Adults Book Group

indigo adult 2014-book group
I have an announcement for readers of The Indigo Adults!

I have been plowing through books lately with a stronger than usual voracious thirst for spiritual growth.

Would you like to join me on that journey?

If so, please join me for the 2014 Indigo Adults Book Group!

indigo adult 2014 book group

COST: Free

COMMITMENT:  Reading the book I post for the month.

After a month I will write a review and my personal take-aways from the book.

I would also like to have some sort of conversation going on, either in some sort of chatroom/discussion board, and/or on some sort of phone or video meeting. I am still pulling that part of it together, so if anyone has any advice regarding organizing that I would appreciate it.
January’s Book: Being You, Changing The World by Dr. Dain Heer.

I will post my full review of Dr. Heer’s book at the beginning of February, but for now I will just say that Being You, Changing the World, asks the right questions to help readers align with building a vision for life on a personal and global level and to make choices toward that life.

Dr. Heer’s inquiries and helpful tools go from micro to macro… the space between the cells of your body, the chair you sit in, the food you eat… to the oceans, the planet and the universe.  I had several A-Ha moments.

SUMMARY FOR 2014 Indigo Adult Book Group (Winter):

January: Being You, Changing The World (Dr. Dain Heer)

Audiobook: Being You Changing the World

Paperback / Ebook: Being You Changing the World

Being You, Changing the World on Amazon


And in case you feel like reading ahead…

February: Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm (Nicole Daedone)

March: Eufeeling!: The Art of Creating Inner Peace and Outer Prosperity (Dr. Frank Kinslow)


~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie


PS: These links are affiliate links and I would appreciate if you are participating that you use the links I provide. This helps support the website. Thank you!

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