An Indigo Adult’s experience with the Affirmation Enhancer Tool

Can you imagine purchasing a product on the Internet, and as you click the “BUY” button on credit card page, you “get” the tool… only it’s an energetic tool.

For muggles, this would be difficult to impossible to wrap one’s head around.

It was even a bit difficult for me, and I’m an indigo adult, empath and quite sensitive to energy.

I was exploring a site called Affirmation Enhancer and as I read the information about this tool, I was drawn in.

So I bought it.

The moment I confirmed the purchase, a very strange thing happened. The palm of my left hand started to burn.

I have a major scar on that hand from a slice I made with a bagel knife while working in a bagel shop over ten years ago. It was “healed” as far as I was concerned (aside from the scar) and no nerve damage was done.

But often with physical injury, energetic damage is done.

I feel that the AET keyed into this damage in my hand and healed it. The burning lasted for about 2 minutes.

I also felt tremendous pain in my root chakra. I am always writing that indigo adults need to really work on grounding, and I am included in that.

I had no idea how much I was not connected to my root. Again, it felt like tremendous pain. Very uncomfortable. But healing as the pain subsided and the AET did its work.

And of course I cried a lot. Moving and clearing energy always makes me cry. This time it was a feel-good, releasing-old-energy cry.

Even after all this, though, I was like, “Was that the tool? Do I get a “GO” button to turn the “tool” on like a light switch?

So I emailed one of the creators of the AET. She responded quite sweetly by telling me I got it and that I should read the manual. No light switch needed.

That was both comforting and disconcerting to me.

Normal muggle logic would say that I just spent over $150 on a non-existent tool and that I am a fool for being bought and sold.

I was raised in the muggle world, so this did cross my mind.

“Did I just spend over $100 on a bunch of fancy esoteric energy worker’s fantasy commands that work with feel good affirmations that already have power in them within my own intention?”

That was the disconcerting part.

I then thought, “No, I just felt all that stuff pass through my body. Something just happened. I feel electric. Something definitely shifted in a very major, good and important way.”

And I found comfort in the fact that we, the world community, have finally evolved to the point that we acknowledge the energetic level of all things, to the point where a website can survive and thrive by selling energetic tools that non-healer/non-energetically sensitive individuals can turn on and use mentally, but that do not have physical form.

Additionally, by discovering this tool I have discovered new mentors, which is sometimes hard to find when one is at my level of evolution and sensitivity. There is a lot of growth for me at the Inner Mastery Tools site, as well as at the related sites (listed below).

If you chose to try any of the products on the sites below, please come back and leave comments about your experience.

There are products for purchase, as well as a TON of free material (audio recordings, energetically enhanced paintings, etc) available from these sites.

And it’s GREAT products and free material. I very much have enjoyed many of the meditations on the sites below. They are very generous with their wisdom.


Indigo Leslie

Bill Austin Art
Healing Holograms
Ever New Joy
Free Spiritual Healing

PS: For the next week I felt like I was filled with light and that this light was just beaming out of my eyes. It’s hard to describe. Like I didn’t have eyes… just two holes where people could peer inside me and see the blinding light contained within me. Very weird but very cool. 🙂

I would highly recommend this tool for all empaths, psychic minds and indigo adults.


8/15/13: **** SEE THIS POST FOR AN UPDATE ***

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