An Indigo Adult Manifestation Story: Letting it Pass Through You

I believe that Indigo Adults have a natural ability to manifest what they want.

Notice I said “what they want.” We all, indigos and non-indigos, have the ability to manifest, but I think that indigo adults and indigo children are aware of this ability and therefore intuitively understand that where they direct their thoughts and how they weave their emotions around such thoughts will lead to corresponding manifestation.

Therefore, if they are not out of alignment (and we all have been out of alignment or forgotten our innate knowledge of these laws at one point or another) they will not only manifest, but they will manifest quickly and with positive experiences.

Well, this is true most of the time. Even when I manifest with positive energy/emotion, I can still get some very unexpected results.

Here’s an example:

I just moved into a very quiet condo with two roommates. They’re super-cool and I am happy there, but I am noticing that things that I used to be able to do in my last home (with roommates) is not as accessible.

Without mincing words, my uber-favorite vibrator that I’ve had for over 10 years is too loud and so I’ve been… well… somewhat unfulfilled in some regards since I moved. I broke up with my last boyfriend (the Petunia) over 4 months ago.

Where can I get some relief?

So I drove down to Sedona and quite accidentally I found myself in a beautiful secluded area and got an urge to find some “satisfaction”.

Oddly enough, I had the vibrator in my purse that day. Don’t ask me why because I had no plans to use it.

So I enjoyed the little spot I had carved out for myself, and found the relief I was seeking.

But things that I focus on while in the moments of sexual ecstasy tend to manifest themselves rather quickly. This is even more true in lovely, higher vibrational Sedona.

I will go into the energetically-respectful way to think of others when you are sexually pleasuring yourself. There is a way to do it and it is very important that you DO do it.

And on this day I did. And he was wonderful. A bit of a trickster… the funny, playful ones always turn me on the most.

Well, not sooner than 10 minutes pass and I see a couple walk by. They were headed down to the same swimming hole I was and I followed them down, not making any connection between my recent fantasy and the couple.

After conversing with them a bit, it struck me that the gentleman was a bit darker than the energy I typically find in Sedona. Spiritual… Yes, but something about him seemed not deliberately dark but a little like Puck from Shakespeare’s Mid Summer Night’s Dream.

They invited me to go into the deeper woods. He was a local (which surprised me again… He didn’t seem like the typical local) and said that it wasn’t too far and it was a beautiful deep swimming area.

I followed because I’m always excited to find new areas of Sedona that are off the beaten path.

We’ll this little walk turned into a 20 minute hike though thick brush, huge rocks, deep sand and over rivers. And there I was in aqua socks (and the other woman in flip flops) and he’s wondering why we can’t keep up. Oh, and I’m carrying a giant blow-up raft. Seriously. In retrospect, it’s quite funny.

Remembering that I was in Sedona, I said “What is the lesson here? This must be one of my lessons and I’m getting annoyed with this dude so it MUST be one of my lessons.”

Well, then I realized that the energy I was playing with (respectfully) when i was alone was reflected in the personality of this man, this Puck.

In reminding myself that reality can immediately shift with my thoughts in Sedona I decided to ask “her” (Sedona) for safe and quick return to my car.

It was immediately at that point that the other woman (in the flip flops) suggest that we turn around and go back because her feet were getting sore. Puck agreed, and we were out of there in 5 minutes, even though it had taken 20 to go in.

Again, quite weird but ok.

The other lesson is that sometimes energy, things and people are only meant to pass through us. We, as 3rd dimensional beings, spend so much time acquiring people, relationships, things, money… that in reality, what comes into our realm is often only meant to be with us for as long as it is meant to be with us.

After my fun by myself, I asked for guidance down to the water because I didn’t want to hike down on my own. Then the couple showed up. That’s all that these individuals were meant to serve as in my world.

I never put out into the universe that I wanted to hike and I was SO HAPPY on the banks of the creek that I heard myself question why I was leaving to go hiking.

So the other lesson for me that day was… Let the energy pass through. Put in the request to the universe, let it be answered, but don’t feel compelled to hold on to the manifestation if it doesn’t suit me anymore.

Any indigo adults, psychic minds or wise people have any additional thoughts, lessons, etc for me? As usual, kind words are greatly appreciated


Indigo Leslie

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