An Indigo Adult’s experience: My time in Sedona, Arizona (part 2)

A while back I posted about my experiences and perception about Sedona, Arizona from an indigo adult/emapth/energetic perspective.

That was 2 years ago…

One year ago I moved to Sedona to go to film school and my perception of Sedona became more refined.

Here is what I learned.

Sedona is a place of being, not doing. It is a great place to go and contemplate what you want to manifest in life.

But then it is best to leave and go do it somewhere else. Not to attempt to get it done there.

The reason for this is that (1) it is a place of being. The act of doing takes initiation energy and an attachment to outcome that the energy in Sedona does not support.

The very act of being attached to something earthly is not supported by Sedona.

Throughout my year there, I saw my dog almost die a couple times, one of my favorite activities in the world (directing and producing) became my most despised (but I’m liking it again.. now that I moved away), my apartment flooded and I had to get rid of all of my stuff, I almost had to move back home with the ‘rents because my financial aid didn’t come through, and the friends that I loved and trusted lied and abandoned me.

I say this not to complain, because in the midst of all of this (all this happened within one year) I have climbed out of the cavern that is Sedona and am back on the earth plane and find myself more relaxed than before I lived there because my s**t hit the fan so much while I was there (and Sedona seemed to be emotionally amplify all the situations as well) that it feels now that I am coasting along with not much to feel attached to or worry about.

Of course I still care about things and am attached to things, which I don’t think is a bad thing, as we are living on the earth plane and being attached to our creations is not only part of being in the physical, it is part of creation itself (though there is a balance that must be struck in manifesting between attachment and detachment – a sweet spot that is optimal for manifestation to occur).

The natives that lived in Sedona for thousands of years before the white people got there did not actually live in Sedona. They lived on the outskirts and would go in to Sedona to do their spiritual work and then they would leave.

When I first moved there I did not understand why this was, but now I know. It is spiritually exhausting bumping up against one’s stuff all the time.

And everyone has stuff… no matter whether you are operating from the first chakra or the 14th.

In my last post I compared Sedona to Alice in Wonderland, which is still accurate, but I also started to think of it more as heaven/hell on earth.

I believe non-physical spirits experience “life” (or whatever is “being” to them) in a very empathic way. They can have wants and the universe will respond to them. Manifestation is fast, but in both a good and bad way.

In Sedona, I also had some very wonderful things happen. Manifestation was fast and it was great when it was what I wanted. I also did feel very sheltered from the lower vibrations of the “normal” world, and it was always a bumpy transition back to this “normal” world when I had to go.

But I also felt somewhat cut off from the “normal” world. Like Sedona was its own dimension and trying to connect or live like the world above (I always think of it as above because of that long drive down 89A from Flagstaff) was not possible, in the same way that it is not possible for those who have passed on to connect with the non-physical.

Regardless of the ups and downs I experienced in that city, it was a tremendous learning experience. I can’t say I would move back there in a permanent way, and I do feel that most of the people that live there long term do lose touch with the “normal” world after a while, but I could see myself cleaning up my energy field a bit by hanging out in Sedona for a month or so from time to time.

My advice to Indigo Adults: I do not recommend moving to Sedona, AZ and if you try to move there and you are not meant to be there, ‘she’ WILL spit you out (after a year, I’m glad she spit me out, though I did question my spiritual/energetic purity when it happened). But DO visit. I think that would be the most beneficial and pleasant for you. Do your inner work there and enjoy it and then come back up to planet earth with the rest of us and get stuff done.

By the way, if you do get ‘spit out’ it means that there is a more positive place for you than hanging out in the dream world that is Sedona. It means you have work to do on this planet, which is true. You wouldn’t have incarnated here as an indigo adult/child if you didn’t have real, physical, hands-in-the-grimy-earth things to do on this planet. It is much more easy for us to live in our head, but we need to put action to those thoughts if we are going to fulfill our mission and improve the state of this planet.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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