An Indigo Adult’s experience down the rabbit hole: My time in Sedona

near Boyton Canyon, Sedona
near Boyton Canyon, Sedona
Whenever I drive down Rt 89A to Sedona from Flagstaff, I always feel as though it is the closest thing on this planet to going down Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole to this weird size and shape-shifting world of Cheshire Cats and Mad Hatters (all of whom I can relate to as a very open indigo adult). 🙂

It also often remind me of the Native American spiritual practices of shamans going into the lower world (and the upper world, mind you) to gather information and understandings about the self.

That’s what this physical drive down Rt 89A feels like to me.

So I wasn’t surprised when I met an indigo adult the last time I was in Sedona.

I could tell because… We’ll I just could tell.

(Usually that’s just how things go when it comes to indigo adults… Would you agree?)

Anyway, she had lived in Sedona for 3 years and she was leaving because she had had enough of the energetic that IS Sedona.

We had started conversing because I had mentioned to her that I was debating between living in Sedona and living in Flagstaff.

Flagstaff is cool, but at that moment I saw living in Sedona like getting a PhD in spiritual awakening. Which draws me in, ya know.
2009.01 Sedona - 55
The locals also say the “she” (Sedona) is quite capricious, beckoning you in one day and spitting you out the next. And she tests you unrelentingly because all of your “stuff” (both dreams and fears) are amplified and come up in rapid pace and without rest.

So this indigo adult said to me, “The question is, do you want to be in “it” constantly (the shit and the glory of what I think about on a daily basis), which can get a bit overwhelming, but is really quite an education on many levels, or you can live in Flagstaff and just come down for a little bit and then go back up and digest what you’ve learned. “

I guess I chose to digest because I’m in Flagstaff now. But living in close proximity to “her” I have the grand opportunity to open up completely to my soul lessons, and then return to the “real” world.

I don’t think that anyone can NOT acknowledge energy if they stayed in Sedona for a month. They just couldn’t. It’s too powerful and too overt there. Even if there weren’t all these hippies around town talking about it, even the most grounded, earthplane-oriented person would have to acknowledge “something” was there.

And indigo adults, like us, tend to do well in higher vibrational locations, like Sedona.

I think it’s because we’re used to being in the 4th, 5th, 6th dimension rather than 1st, 2nd 3rd of the earth plane.

Not that it’s not important to learn the principles of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions of the earth plane (as I have described in earlier posts about Las Vegas and New York.)

We indigo adults have a strong remembrance of the spiritual world, but we are here in this physical world, so maybe that’s why my higher self chose Flagstaff over Sedona…

I’m still practicing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensional principles of the physical world. And getting better at them every day. 🙂


Indigo Leslie

Sedona Sunset
Sedona Sunset

Any indigo adults have thoughts, experiences, comments? Been to Sedona? How about New York? Do you agree with what I write?

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