About Indigo Leslie

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
Albert Einstein

On my way from Las Vegas, Nevada to Flagstaff, Arizona, I was noticing the difference in feeling I got from when I was was in once city than the other. Even the drive over was different, though I pass the same terrain.

This time, when I was driving, I was pondering Harry Potter. I am a huge fan of the story and I had just seen the 6th movie for the second time.

The story of Harry Potter has taught me a lot. I have always viewed life through an energetic… dare I say “magical”… lens.

My world has always been magikal one and, though it was socialized out of me in my earlier years, come my 16th birthday I was practically initiated into the wizard world.

Soooo many gifts of tarot cards, crystals, candles, and readings from the local psychic shop on my sweet 16.

At the time, the “new age” shop was a controversial new addition to the conservative, suburban New Jersey town I grew up in. It was the first time I had ever seen a shop like that. And I knew the first time I went in that I was hooked.

It was there that I met my first of many psychics that have had a strong influence on me.

At the time, I was dealing with a somewhat turbulent teenage experience… More turbulent than most teenagers experience. Things would happen that I didn’t understand. Things that seemed magical. Things that were both bad and good. I would think things and they would manifest quite easily. Not to say that most people don’t have this latent ability, but in me, it was not only manifestings, but knowings, intuitions, feeling peoples’ thoughts and emotions remotely. Sending my thoughts remotely. Pressing my energy (later recognizing it as “qi” when I became a massage therapist) into others. Strange flashbacks from different times.

And most significantly, a burning pain on my forehead where my birthmark is.

By 17 I had renounced my Christian upbringing (which I had never agreed with, even from when I was a small child) and became a witch. Or rather, I had always been a witch, and I simply asserted myself as such by 17.

By 18 I had been declared a truly nutty by most people around me. Seriously. Nobody talked about magic or energy or manifesting in the 90’s in New Jersey and anyone that did was declared insane.

And I started to believe them. Briefly. There was so much unrest in me (which I now know to my empathic abilities feeling into others emotions) and so much lack of understanding by my elders for what I was going through. So much lack of understanding for myself to understand waht it meant to be an intuitive in Muggletown.

The therapist that my parents had brought me to for “family counseling” (though I was the only one going) had called my parents while I was at work one day and told them to commit me after I had recounted a channeling experience I had had that week in my previous session.

After visiting with her, they likened my experience to a tumor that need to be checked out. An appointment with a psychiatrist was promptly made.

At the same time, I had befriended a psychic at the new age store in my town and I told her what was happening with me. This was probably one of the most important conversations I have ever had in my life.

She answered me by saying that I was different than everyone else. I had powers that others did not have or had but had shut down. Throughout my life people will call me crazy or other names or be scared of me, but I should never believe them because I was given these gifts for a reason. Though it may be hard at times to stay connected with this true knowing, especially when everyone in my life is calling me crazy, I must remember that I am special and what they are interpreting as crazy is really an enormous power that I carry that they don’t understand. And power is scary to people, especially when it is misunderstood and in the hands of a very confused and pissed off 17 year old.

Flash Forward 15 years later… The Secret. Quantum Physics. Qi. Energy healing and Reiki. And especially Harry Potter.

Here was this book about a boy with a mark on his forehead who grew up in the Muggle world not knowing he was a wizard except for the weird things that would happen to him. Undervalued and abused in the muggle world, he found his place of value among the magical. He was vital to their world. His choices would mean the difference between light or darkness taking over the muggle world.

For someone who grew up being told she wasn’t of much value, this is a good story for me to hear. I do not flatter myself to thing that I am the savior of this world or of any wizard world or even that my abilities or that unique, but it has got me to thinking about what sort of contribution I could make to the magikal beings that are beginning to discover and understand their magikal powers. (aka indigo adults and indigo children)

It was at the moment that that psychic told me I was magikal that my life shifted from darkness to light. Though I didn’t know exactly what I was going through, I knew I was ok and that there might be others like me.

And there were. Throughout my life I have been around many “wizards and witches” who had never been told they were such.

And as this new phase of human existence emerges, as the indigo children continue to be born in increasing numbers, as we approach 2012 and all that that means, there are those that are going to choose darkness and those that are going to choose light. There are also others that are going to choose to cross over into the non-physical. I could be one of them and that would be ok with me because I’ve never fully felt comfortable in the physical world.

But this is true to many indigos. We are not comfortable here.

I know many who were not given a way to frame what they were going through. What the muggle world described as depression or lack of direction in some of my indigo friends, was actually a lack of understanding of themselves and an inability to find the starting place of creating the heaven-on-earth world that they were born to manifest here.

Others turned to drugs. Bombarded with how they were told their life should be and what they should think, they obliged their well-meaning elders, but not without killing the magical part of themselves. Not without self medicating to the point of almost complete mental oblivion.

So I write this blog, to help those that are struggling with their magikal, indigo, psychic ways. I am one of them. You may know you are one of them. You are one of them if you were born with this knowing and, even if you have pushed it away and silenced it most of your life, you still hear it whisper to you when Muggles are not looking. You also may be Muggle… Not awake but curious about the magikal world, maybe because you have a child that is magikal or friends that are wizards.

Then there are the Muggles that wish they were magikal. They are fascinated with the “wizarding” world… energy, quantum physics, etc, but they don’t feel it. They don’t get it in a natural way, though they might have a very strong theoretical understanding of magick.

One of my ex-boyfriends is a muggle and I think he was dating me for the simple fact that he was fascinated with my magick. In cases like this, this blog will also serve, because unlike in Harry Potter, I believe that Muggles can become magikal. It takes a lot of study, immersion and being ok with not knowing what’s going on a lot of the time when you start, but muggles can become wizards, too. You just have to work harder at it.

I started this blog post/page with a quite from Einstein because I have a response for this quote.

World War III will be of mind and magick. There are dark forces and thoughts being put into play. Dark intentions and manifestations based on an old paradigm of control, fear, greed and pain.

On the other side, there are even lighter thoughts, manifestations and intentions than has ever been in our history on a collective level. Many people are envisioning win-win situations for all and this is quite possible in the coming years. For some this is already a reality. Every interaction they have is win-win, where all parties are enriched positively by each interaction they participate in.

This is heaven on earth. This is what the indigos are hear to teach.

I believe that we have always had choice through our intention and our vision, but as things escalate, it will be much easier to manifest that which we envision.

So this blog is to help those, especially indigos and other magikal beings, find their way back to the “wizarding world” through my interpretation life through an energetic lens (or a “magikal” lens if examining it through the Harry Potter books).

And by understanding and working with the magick in their lives, bring heaven on earth to those that choose that. To those that learn to focus enough to bring that reality into being.

Additionally, I will admit that I see the parallels of my life and Harry’s. This is my opportunity to indulge in these parallels, however true or false they may be.

I may not be the Boy Who Lived, but I am one who has been taught, touched and inspired by his story.

BTW, JK Rowling’s site is awesome. Check it out!