A Very Retrograde Experience :-)

Microcassette_Indigo_adultsDo I get to use the upcoming mercury retrograde as an excuse for getting my post up later than usual? 🙂

And speaking of Mercury Retro…

I have come to notice when the mercury retrograde energy hits me. This time it was on Monday when I was trying to take a short drive and it took me 30 minutes to go 2 miles before I decided to turn around and go home.

And it usually hits about a week before the actual shift. For this one, it hit yesterday.

I used to dread this astrological phase, but I have come to embrace it, especially at times when I have access to my old stuff, like I do now.

Yesterday I found myself listening to a recording on microcassette from over 12 years ago.

The overt content was that I was annoyed that a friend that I had driven 5 hours to see had stood me up. Admittedly, it was bitchy. And then it was sad when I started crying.

But the thing that fascinated me was my underlying vibration from that time.

In contrast to what was being said, the vibration was actually quite vulnerable, loving and innocent.

It was recorded less than one month before my father died, and I really got the sense that I was still so innocent because I had not felt the pain of losing my father (even though, by that point, he had been in the hospital for a year).

If the recording was just about the audible sound and what I was saying and feeling, I would get rid of it, but there was something really beautiful about me before losing my innocence with the death of my father. I’m fascinated by the vibration, actually, and how different I feel today.

Anyway, it was a good kick off to mercury retrograde.

Don’t forget to continue to clear your energy during this time… ESPECIALLY PLANETARY ENERGY. And stay grounded!

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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