A Request

pfsh… I don’t even have a title for this post.

I started to write a very good post here, and then I had to stop.

I am in Panera’s.

I have not had a place to write for a very very very long time.

I channel my writing and it has to be the right place.

Otherwise I am just banging my head against a wall trying to pull from my own consciousness, which is a gross substitute to what I pull down from the ethers.

I apologize for not being in communication for a very long time.

I have really had a challenging time of manifesting things I need.

I can explain why in another post, but this is not the time to do that.

A proper writing space and the time and space to write properly is what I need. AS an empath and a channel that is vital for me.

I need to write not as Indigo Leslie, who is only a vessel.

It feels very forced when it is just me.

Panera’s is perfect for mundane work. But it is very hard to hear my muse when the people are talking loudly while gobbling their bacon and cheese souffl├ęs (which are quite good, btw).

SO today I started to write again, at the encouragement of one of my friends and mentors, who said it was vital and would be incredibly helpful both and those that read what I write.

But I just kept getting disconnected, in the same way a zoom conference will drop when there is not enough bandwidth or a call will drop when one goes out of range.

I am down to one bar when I am sitting in Panera’s trying to do this. The coverage is spotty here. Better to just hang up for now.

But I am going to make a request first…

But I am going to ask that you help envision for me a space as the one I have described above.

A place to write that will allow me to do so and the time and space to do so at the best time, usually mornings are best for me to hear…

Please send energy, prayers, all you think would get me to that.

Let beautiful synchronicity lead me to that.

I have not asked much through this blog.

I am thrilled to offer what I know/hear to visitors, readers, indigos, those with good and positively aligned intentions…

But I am asking for this.

I am looking forward to see what manifests.

You will know it has worked if you see another post soon.

Thank you.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

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