A Quickie on Valentine’s Day!


I’m being bawdy and suggestive with this blog post title!

I wish this post was as exciting as the title but alas… I meant a quickie blog post. That’s it!

So… Can you feel the love?

I mean that literally.

Indigo Adults… Can you feel the collective love?

I love this holiday because whether or not I am in a romantic relationship, I CAN feel the love of the collective and it is absolutely yummy to my empathic senses.

In many ways being an empath can be rough, but it’s holidays like Valentine’s Day that make me really appreciate my indigo adult gift of intuition and empathy.

Theresa Crabtree has a website called which has a lot of great information about eating, exercising (in both a spiritual and physical way) and detoxing.

I recently got a message from her and I thought it was wonderful for Valentine’s Day so I’m reposting it here!

Wishing you lots of love this Valentine’s Day and sending out prayers of love to all of my readers and all of my relations.

~ Peace ~

Indigo Leslie

PS: It’s worth joining Teresa’s email list. I find it quite interesting…

This time of year, many who are not in a romantic relationship tend to get depressed around Valentine’s Day, the day of Love.

No partner? Then pamper yourself with one of the ABC Retreats listed below, which can be found on Day 211 in my [Teresa Crabtree’s] book, Mayan Messages.

Answer personal emails and letters
Blow and pop bubbles
Call someone you haven’t talked to in awhile
Draw on a rock; let your creative juices flow
[draw with something that isn’t permanent]
Eat your favorite snack or meal outdoors
Fly a kite
Go to the Humane Society and pet the animals
Have your favorite dessert
Invite friends over for silly fun
Jump rope
Kiss a plant, a pet or your favorite person
Listen to energizing music
Move to the sounds of your favorite music
Nap outside
Offer to do something for someone who needs assistance
Play a favorite DVD or CD
Question your belief codes
Read a book while sitting outside
Soak in a bathtub with essential oils such as lavender or rosemary
Take a walk in Nature
Uplift someone who is down
Visit someone you haven’t seen in a while
Watch the clouds, enjoying the shapes
Xerox your favorite inspirational quotes
Yell at the top of your lungs how much you love life
Zealously do something you have never done before

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