A New Age Online Video on You Tube (part 1)

I found this video on YouTube the other day and I really enjoyed it and found great wisdom in it.

Ha! Typial indigo adult!

Searching for material on LOA (Law of Attraction)!

Also enjoyed reading the comments regarding the video but I wanted to respond to them.  Here are a series of comments.


macolyis (8 months ago) 

The Secret teaches trusting in something besides God to provide
for you. Believing the Universe is like a Jinn or catalog and will rearrange
itself to conform to your desires is blasphemous to God and is also Idolatry.
The one who is capable of saving or destroying is God, its to Him you should go
with your supplications. Instead of praying for money you should pray for the
Holy Spirit to lead you to repentance and reconciliation with Him which you
need more than air to breath and water to drink

thechristiansecret (8 months ago) 

God’s creation includes the LOA. The LOA is just another
instrument for our expression, an extension of our mind, that we can use to
bring more people closer to God “John 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto
you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater
works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” Please show me
how else this is possible. I call it Faith

macolyis (8 months ago) 

Notice Jesus said he that believeth in Him will be able to
do the works that He did also. He means a true believer having the Holy Spirit
will be able to do the kinds of works Jesus did. The works Jesus did were Godly
and selfless, His apostles did great works too but they were done to spread the
gospel and minister to people, not for selfish purposes. The apostles were
content with food and raiment. Paul condemned lusting for riches as Idolatry,
saying not to even eat with a covetous person.

macolyis (8 months ago) 

The Secret teaches
something very different than what Jesus or His apostles taught. Instead of
trusting in God to provide for you it advocates trusting in yourself and
lusting for worldly selfish things, claiming whatever you desire can be yours
if you covet it long enough and believe you’ll receive it. Coveting is a SIN,
why would God reward you for sinning? By using The Secret your also betraying
God by praying to a false god (the universe) instead of Him, which is nature
worship and Idolatry.

macolyis (8 months ago) 

I’m not saying that God wouldn’t provide you with anything
materialistic if you truly seek Him and desire first to do what’s right and
keep His commandments. If you wanted a mate, a car, shelter, food etc. He may
provide it to you if you go to Him and ask. He wants you to seek His Kingdom first
though and not love the world or the things in it. You need to renounce the
place wealth and pleasure has in your heart and seek spiritual things instead
of riches, trusting God to provide for your NEEDS.

thechristiansecret (8 months ago) 

Many christians have been preached out of prosperity that is
promised in the scripture, being told that Jesus wants them to be poor and
suffer. 1Corinth 8:8 But meat commendeth us not to God: for neither, if we eat,
are we the better; neither, if we eat not, are we the worse.

Wealth or poverty is not a criteria for the kingdom of
heaven, God looks at your heart.

thechristiansecret (8 months ago) 

To Covet is to desire that which belongs to somebody else.
The LOA is not the act of coveting. Simply put, what one thinks, feels and
believes is what is attracted, and it is at work at all times, whether or not
one chooses to be aware of it.

macolyis (8 months ago) 

The Secret video strongly advocates imagining expensive new
cars, jewelry, millions of dollars and making vision boards with pictures of 50
million dollars houses to lust after. You don’t call this coveting after
worldly things? Why don’t you check out some of the visualization videos on youtube
to see how people are following the secret, there’s video after video of
depraved desires for piles of money, illicit sex, sports cars, riches, million
dollar houses, and lusting for selfish pleasures.

macolyis (8 months ago) 

You may say that the LOA is being misused by some people
who are greedy, but this is the way its suggested to be used by those behind
the secret video and also by Ester Hicks while supposedly channeling Abraham.
Honestly do you think God would reveal a law He wants us to follow though a
medium channeling spirits when such a practice is abominable to Him? Paul
warned that you test every spirit and that if even an angel from heaven brought
another gospel to let it be accursed. LOA is a Satanic lie

macolyis (8 months ago) 

“Wealth or poverty is not a criteria for the kingdom of
heaven, God looks at your heart.”

I never claimed that it was but Jesus did say that it was harder
for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to go though the
eye of a needle. The reason is because if your rich, it’s VERY difficult to not
make money the focus of your life and love it. Having money isn’t a sin,
coveting money and things you don’t have is a sin and idolatry, loving money
that you do have is idolatry also.


So I felt compelled to respond, but YouTube only gives you so much space to answer.  So I’m going to respond here.

Again, I’m not here to say that my way is the right way. I
never say that. Especially since as I learn more my own perceptions and
understanding changes.

But I will say that my way is the right way for me.

And I have pulled the above quote because there have been
moments in my life where I have wrestled with the ideas mentioned in the quote.

And by the way, the closest description to my “religion” is wiccan,
though I was raised Christian and actually pull from many religions (ala
Thoreau’s philosophy on spirituality.)
A lot of what would be called “Christian” today does not suit me, though
I definitely can see the similarities that thread it to all other religions. And I see that it brings
positivity and wisdom to others, and like all things, it is a neutral aspect
that is “good” or “bad” depending on the user. Just like guns, drugs, the Internet, money, etc…

That being said, I would like to respond to this statement.

Imagine that we, as a community of inhabitants on this
planet, were all suddenly gathered in a giant room and on stage in front of all
of us is God/Great Creator/Universe/Source Energy.

Let’s call him a him and let’s call him God, since that’s
how a majority of the modern world already sees God.

God comes on stage and says, “I’d like to take a vote. Who wants heaven on earth? Heaven is where we get what we want and
we feel good and we’re always healthy and there is a lot of love. Love is the driving force of all that
happens in heaven. Hands up everyone who wants that.

He’d pause and most of us would raise our hands.

“Ok then. So we
are going to start working towards that right now. My next question: how many of you want a million dollars?
Hands up.”

He’d pause again and some hands would go up. Not as many as the last time, but still
quite a lot.

“Ok. Well my answer to you is this. How did you feel when you thought about
the million dollars. If you didn’t feel good, that means you covet it, and that
is sinful and that is not allowed in this heaven on earth that we are
creating. But you are still
allowed in. Of course… All of my
children are allowed in… Let me just show you a better way to think about it
that is more in line with your creating heaven on earth.”

God continues, “To yearn for one million dollars in any way
that creates pain for yourself or anyone else – emotional, physical, or
whatever way – is sinful. We do
not want that pain in heaven because it reverberates out to everyone you touch,
and then we are not heaven. Not to say that there are not problems in heaven,
but problems reframed as opportunities or new possibilities in your mind
suddenly eliminates what you are looking at as a “problem” per se.”

“Geez, I do like to talk. I got off on a bit of a
tangent. Anyway, this law of
attraction that has become popular on your planet lately. They encourage you to “align” yourself
with the vibration until you “manifest” what you want. So if in your heaven on earth that we
all voted for earlier you said “I would like a million dollars” and you weren’t
utterly exuberant and joyful about it then not only are you not going to get it
but you also are putting yourself in pain and coveting which is a sin in my
Book (and we all know what Book I speak of.) :-)”

“So in our heaven on earth, the way we move toward that is
to start to think about what we want in a positive way. Because imagine that you did have it
already. And how happy you would
be because of all the great ways you would spend it and feel secure with it and
be generous with it and eat well with it and live well with it and dress in
beautiful clothes that also increase the good feeling you are having. THIS IS ALL HEAVEN. And this is what you have voted for.”

“And I have a surprise for you. Some people are living heaven on earth right now. Many are living heaven on earth right
now. And I, as God, wholeheartedly
approve of it. “

“I’m not saying that all those with all the money they know
what to do with are in heaven. Many, in fact, are in hell, which is what they
put their hand up for. Not consciously, but with their thinking. And many others have very little in the
physical world, but are very happy and live in my glorious kingdom of heaven
while still walking on planet earth.”

“Well, I’ll let you take that in while I go for a swim. I can already imagine how refreshing
the water will feel on my skin and… OH! How relaxing the sand feels between
my toes! God bless and good night. (haha… get it… I said God bless and
I am God… Haha…. Now where did I put my swimming trunks?)”

For those of you who are familiar with Abraham-Hicks, I’m
sure you will recognize some of the philosophy I have written here. I have drawn much wisdom from their teachings,
and I greatly appreciate that.

But I also had learned much before I discovered
Abraham-Hicks. And maybe my spin
will be easier to frame for some people.

As usual, comments from indigo adults, crystals, psychic minds are always appreciated.  Comments from muggles are also appreciated as long as they are constructive.  Feel free to disagree as long as your tone is kind and intelligible.

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