A Massage and Natural Healing Site for Indigo Adults

As you may know if you read this blog a lot, I used to be a massage therapist, and I just posted (or rather, re-posted) a site about massage.

It has over 80 information-packed pages of massage-how tos and related information.

Here’s the official description:

Full body massage is an art anyone can master. This site
explains easy-to-follow techniques of massage, and offers first-
hand, insider advice on the best supplies and aromatherapy oils. We
also offer massage in the Los Angeles area.

Offers easy instructions about full body massage, describes different techniques of massage, and discusses the best supplies and aromatherapy oils available.

This site was the precursor to The Indigo Adults blog and it has lots of information about energy and empathy and natural healing.


I just didn’t think it was as focused on these topics as I wanted to be, so I took the site down for a while.

But then I was looking over the old emails I used to get from people saying that they found the site very helpful and I figured I should put it back up.

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