2012: Indigo Adults and My Read on the Collective

happy_indigo_adult_worldWhen I say “My read on the collective” for 2012, I mean both indigo adults and muggles.

In general, I am empathically picking up on some giddy, exuberant optimism!

Serious giddiness!

It actually feels quite awesome!

And much more than most other years.

And I was waiting to post this until after New Year’s to make sure it wasn’t just the “We’re-gonna-party-like-it’s-2012” collective.


This feels bigger and much less transient than everyone waiting for the ball to drop in Time Square.

Anyone else feeling the vibe?

And while I’m pretty content in my hotel room right now, I’m pretty sure this isn’t “mine” because I can’t say that “exuberant” is the word that describes being stuck in a snowstorm in the middle of Indiana.

But I can’t help but be stoked about what this year has to bring.

Comments on what you think 2012 will bring for you or for the world would be lovely!!!

~ Peace and Happy New Year ~

Indigo Leslie

2 thoughts on “2012: Indigo Adults and My Read on the Collective”

  1. I am feeling an air of excitement at how 2012 will play out, but it’s also coupled with a calm uncertainty of I have no idea which direction to go let alone starting to walk the path. My only feeling, besides a bit of frustration at Internet connection and laptop crashing, is that I need to hang back and that the path will be revealed to me.
    I’m also at conflict within myself on whether to go with career and money vs purpose and spiritual growth. I know purpose and growth will be great (hard, but great) but having financial freedom to explore the world is also great. I just don’t want to end up in the same place I was in in august: miserably unhappy in my job and still trying to fit my square pegs into society’s round holes.
    I need a universe that is more on my level…. I can’t do more of society’s bland crapness! I need to keep it real and do something that makes me happy or else it’s like run if around in circles and bumping my head on the same doorframe everytime I go through it!

    1. I totally understand. Lately my strategy has been to focus on the positive aspects in my life – a basic Law of Attraction principle – but it seems to be working and I’m being mentally diligent about it.

      And when I feel like the discontent of the collective I am relating to is pushing me out of this positive space, I will myself into my own energy and into more deliberate focus.

      Sometimes it feels like I’m energetically doing the equivalent of what would be running a marathon in the physical realm, but overall it seems to work.

      Haha… or I get violently ill and have to leave the collective that’s pulling me down, which I think is my body’s way of making sure I stay in the positive space…

      Seriously! This has happened three times in the last 2 weeks! (and I’m very grateful for it) 🙂

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